For privacy, disable this uTorrent option before upgrading

At the moment in which we are about to carry out some type of download from the Internet through our computer, we have several methods to do it. The usual thing is to download content directly from our favorite web browser. But we can also use P2P networks to download Torrent files from specific clients like uTorrentwhich we will talk about now.

This type of movement to download content online is generally carried out for large files. In fact, many companies, such as the developers of Linux distributions, provide us with the possibility of downloading their own ISO images through a Torrent. This is something that is extended to many other companies and from which end users also benefit.

We must bear in mind that, for all this, instead of using the usual web browser, we must install and use other programs. These are the so-called torrent clients that will surely be more than familiar to us. In fact, one of the most popular is uTorrent, a free program that many have been using for years. We must bear in mind that, when downloading files through these clients, there are several sections that we must take into account. In addition to the stability of the program itself, here we must look at the customization features existing, and Privacy.

All this allows us to customize the user interface of the application while downloading and uploading content with the greatest fluidity. Here the most advanced users will have the possibility to adapt clients like uTorrent to your needs. Of course, those who do not have much knowledge on the subject can use the program with its default configuration, which is also valid.

Delete all private data from uTorrent

In the event that we want to take a look at the configuration parameters that this program offers us, we only have to go to the Options / Preferences menu. Here we will see a new window appear with everything necessary to configure and customize the operation and appearance of this software. In the left panel we precisely find a section called Privacy, which is what interests us in this case. We just have to click on it to see the available options.

The first thing we should know is that to update uTorrent with the greatest possible privacy, we recommend turn off the bookmark that we see at the top of the window. this prays Send information when checking for updates, which allows us to update the program without affecting our data. With everything and with it we also have the possibility of clicking on the button that we see next to this selector. It allows us Immediately erase all stored information by uTorrent so far.

This will be especially useful if we work with a computer that other users use so that they cannot access our movements here. In addition, and for the application unable to track our movements and send us related advertising, we must also click on the Forget Me button. The button is found in this same mentioned window and will also increase privacy in uTorrent.

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