For sales, the Netatmo range is sold off on Amazon (-35%)

For the first day of sales, Amazon is showing discounts on the entire Netatmo range. The legendary thermostats and weather stations benefit from ultra advantageous prices.

Officially, the Netatmo range is not on sale but it is eligible for discounts. There is a small legal nuance but that does not change anything for the end customer who sees it above all as a great opportunity to save money. Amazon is the only one able to display discounts on the range: competitors have never succeeded in doing so.

During this sales period, Netatmo is enjoying a wave of discounts across the range. From the connected thermostat (which saves 30% on an annual electricity bill) through the weather station or even surveillance cameras, everything is at a low price. Below we’ve made the list with the great deals of the moment.

Netatmo is a French home automation brand which is enjoying immense success. We have to face the facts, these flash offers are not going to last very long. At any time, from the first day of sales, the stock can disappear. The adage “first come, first served” is very true.

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During the year, Netatmo products are almost never at a reduced price. The last time we saw discounts on these was during Black Friday. And to be completely transparent with you, the prices were the same. So if you want to fall for one of the brand’s thermostats or other weather stations, now is the time to take advantage. Cheaper you will not be able to find.

Netatmo, French flagship of home automation

Netatmo was one of the first French startups to have great success in tech. Faced with its success, it was bought out by the French group Legrand, which wanted to protect French innovations. Since then, the brand has maintained autonomy and offers new products regularly. The thermostat and the weather station have seen the arrival of new products or very practical accessories.

With its products, Netatmo has really succeeded in democratizing home automation. In the end, its connected objects (with a refined design) can be easily controlled from a smartphone and allow real needs to be met. They are not gimmicks. For example, the connected thermostat can naturally adapt the temperature to save you money. He was also elected best choice by the UFC Que Choisir in 2022.

On condition of having a compatible boiler (to be checked beforehand), the thermostat makes it possible to monitor consumption and control the boiler remotely from an iOS or Android application. Depending on the outdoor weather and the thermal performance of the home, the Netatmo thermostat can create an adapted and optimal program.

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Among the brand’s other bestsellers, we also have the Netatmo weather station. It can also be controlled from a mobile application. Thanks to the main module and all the additional modules (rain gauge, anemometer, etc.), you will be able to monitor and analyze weather trends. All the stations are connected by a network which makes it possible to follow the evolution of the weather globally.

Finally, we cannot end this part without mentioning the Netatmo surveillance cameras. The brand first developed an indoor camera before releasing an outdoor camera. Both allow you to detect movement and capture images. This allows you to know if is around, while having an aesthetic object in your home.

Amazon kicks off the sales

For years, Amazon has had the exclusive right to discounts at Netatmo. It is therefore necessary to turn to this merchant platform to obtain the best prices on all the connected objects of the house of French. Right now, during the sales, Amazon offers flash sales across the range. If officially, this operation lasts two days, it can stop long before.

If you buy a Netatmo (or other) product from Amazon, the merchant then offers you 30 days to retract. Once the product is delivered to you, you can think about it and change your mind. In this case, the merchant will give you a full refund for your purchase, provided it is like new. It’s a good way to shop, even during sales, on the internet and without any risk.

If Netatmo is one of the spearheads of the operation which has been carried out by Amazon since Wednesday morning, there are many other beautiful brands which are at very advantageous prices. For the first day of the sales, there are great opportunities to be seized. But you have to be quick: the best deals usually start in the early hours. The longer you wait, the lower the stock will be.

In the case of the Netatmo range, it is not officially on sale but it is on flash sale. Amazon has announced that it will be available for 48 hours subject to stock. In other words, Thursday evening everything will be over. And if the stock disappears before, the cyber-merchant will pause the products in question. You might as well take advantage of it, even if it means returning the product if you don’t like it in the end.

To see the Netatmo offers, it’s here:

See all Netatmo offers

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