For the end of the sales, the price of Emma mattresses is collapsing (-60%) 🔥

For the last markdown in the sales, Emma is selling off her mattresses and bed accessories. Our dedicated code allows you to make an additional saving on all the crossed out prices displayed on the official store.

The winter sales definitely end this Tuesday evening. But first, the merchants take the opportunity to put their last strength into battle. This is the case for example of the reference of mattresses sold exclusively on the internet, Emma. The premium German brand has one last offer that will be hard to refuse.

On all its mattresses and accessories, you can achieve up to -60% real savings. Among the flagship products on sale, the Emma Original and Emma Hybrid mattresses are the two stars of the operation. Already renowned for offering great value for money, these models have seen their prices drop by a few hundred euros. By using the code JDG10, you get an additional 10% discount.

I take advantage of the Emma sales

Emma has profoundly disrupted the market with unprecedented prices for high quality mattresses. For this, she imagined a sales model: her beds are sold exclusively through her official online store. If customers cannot test the product beforehand, they nevertheless have 100 nights to try the mattress under real conditions at home. At any time, the brand can come and collect it if the customer does not like it. It’s free and unconditional.

The Emma Original, a best-seller for 5 years

In recent years, Emma has risen to fame with her Original mattress. The latter was “voted product of the year” several times and the UFC Que Choisir distinguished him for two consecutive years. It offers very good value for money. a mattress made of memory foam. The brand has evolved the product in recent years without changing its name. It is top of the range and brings a certain comfort.

To give you an idea of ​​the popularity of this Emma mattress, it sold 1.5 million units in 2020 alone. In France, it has been the “best-selling mattress” for 3 years and represents 7% of all bedding sales. Since the health crisis, more than 30% of mattresses have been sold online.

In terms of price, the Emma Original mattress is very attractive. By default, the model in the 140×190 cm format is 479 euros but it drops to 397 euros for the latter markdown from the sales. By using the special code JDG10, the mattress drops to 357 euros for that format. On a format with 1 seat, the price of the Original model converges towards only 200 euros.

Discover the Emma Original

The Emma Hybride, future successful mattress

For almost a year, Emma has had a newcomer to its range: the Hybrid mattress. This one is much more comfortable and efficient than the Original model, but it is much more expensive. While the Emma Original draws its strength from its price, which is perfectly within the budget that the average Frenchman is ready to invest in a mattress, the Emma Hybride relies on absolute comfort.

The composition of the Hybrid mattress is more sophisticated than the other model: it combines memory foam with pocket springs. The rendering is excellent – ​​and a level above the Original mattress. But beware, this does not mean that the Emma Original is not good: it is already on the high end. Few mattresses have good memory foam.

Emma Mattress
© Emma

To prevent customers from being unhappy with the product (and returning their mattress), Emma worked on quality. Whether it is the Original mattress or the Hybrid, both bring real satisfaction. If you have a larger budget, the Emma Hybride will be perfect over time. The two beds can last between 10 and 15 years without any problem. The cost will therefore be largely amortized over time.

As for the price, the Emma Hybride in the 140×190 cm format is sold at 999 euros in normal times. For the sales, the Emma mattress registers a much heavier drop than the Original model: -38%, which brings it down to 619 euros. When finalizing your order, the code JDG10 will lower the bill to 557 euros.

The price difference between the two mattress models is 200 euros for the 140×190 cm format. Again, both products are known to be very high end and UFC Que Choisir never ceases to praise their benefits. The Emma Hybrid mattress was also voted best choice by this association in April 2021 when it was released.

This Monday evening at midnight, the special sales offers on Emma and her mattresses will disappear definitively. They concern both bedding and all the accessories that are put forward by the brand. The duvet, pillows, bed or bed linen benefit from unprecedented prices. January, which is the month of white, is the perfect time to change your bedding. And in terms of value for money, Emma definitely convinced us.

To discover this model on sale, it’s here:

Discover the Emma Hybrid

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