For the sales, the price of the Surpass 26 electric bike is lower than ever!

For the sales, Cdiscount is offering a new reduction on the Surpass 26 electric bike sold at an excellent price: 499 euros.

This Surpass 26 ′ mixed electric bike is ideal for all your urban and peri-urban journeys, its low spanning allowing frequent stops with ease. Very comfortable to use thanks to its upright driving position, this bike allows you to travel long distances without fatigue thanks to the electric assistance which is activated on the first turns of the pedals. It is currently 499 euros at Cdiscount for sales thanks to the code 50DES499.

Take advantage of the offer at Cdiscount

Indeed, this VAE is equipped with a 250W motor, installed on the rear wheel, making it possible to reach up to 25 km / h (there are 3 speed modes). There is also a Shimano 6-speed derailleur that will help you climb hills, but also to roll at more than 25 km / h without assistance. The bike is equipped with front and rear lights, reflectors, a luggage rack, a kickstand and a bell. There is also an LCD screen on the handlebars that allows you to turn the device on and off, choose between 3 levels of assistance, turn on the lights and check the battery level.

The bike’s battery is removable which makes the charging possibilities very practical. Either you charge directly with the battery on the bike, or you remove the battery, if for example you want to leave the bike in your garage or in the bike room of your building, and you charge it at home. Its range varies between 35-40 km, depending on the weight of the cyclist, the route taken and the level of electric assistance used.

Finally, the Surpass 26 ′ has disc brakes which guarantee a shorter stopping distance.

The Surpass 26 ′ is currently at a reduced price at Cdiscount since you can have it for 499 euros and you can also lower the price of this bike thanks to many local and national aids.

Take advantage of the offer at Cdiscount

These aids that can reduce the price of this bike

In the Paris region: three cumulative schemes

On the front line facing the problem of road and public transport congestion, large cities are the first to encourage their citizens to opt for the electric bicycle. In Paris – which boasts around 1,000 km of cycle routes, three systems overlap:

In the Paris region, the territory of Grand Paris Seine Ouest also offers a subsidy of € 200, and this amount is doubled by the cities of Boulogne-Billancourt, Meudon and Sèvres, while Chaville offers additional aid of € 250 for the purchase. a second VAE. Other Ile-de-France municipalities offer similar schemes (€ 250 in Bougival, up to € 500 in Rueil-Malmaison).

Different systems depending on the metropolis

Several regions offer aid for the purchase of a VAE: we are talking about an eco-check for mobility in Occitanie (200 €), a subsidy reserved for subscribers of the Aléop network in Pays de la Loire (100 € for a VAE , € 200 for a folding bike) and a premium corresponding to 25% of the price of the electric bike in Corsica up to a limit of € 500. In Marseille, the Bouches-du-Rhône Department is piloting a system capped at € 400. But it is mainly inter-municipal authorities that subsidize the purchase of an electrically-assisted bicycle:

  • the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis and Angers Loire Métropole are limited to 25% (200 € maximum);
  • Toulouse Métropole offers € 250 for individuals with a benchmark tax income of less than € 18,800, € 200 beyond that;
  • Bordeaux Métropole and Nantes Métropole grant a subsidy of € 100, subject to means testing in Bordeaux (tax quotient less than € 2,200) and doubled in Nantes for employees of companies that are members of the Mobility Pack.
  • The City of Caen alone assumes assistance for the purchase of a VAE of 25% of the amount (250 € maximum). In addition, many medium-sized towns and urban communities are supporting the acquisition of an electric bicycle (Orléans, La Rochelle, Roanne, Blois, Épinal, Épernay, Nevers, Vannes, Arcachon, etc.). your municipality or region!

Conversion bonus

You can now partially finance its purchase by scrapping your old diesel or gasoline car. The conversion bonus hitherto reserved for the purchase of an electric vehicle has been extended to electrically assisted bicycles (VAE) since July 26, 2021. In addition, the bicycle bonus has been extended to “cargo” bicycles. Provided for in the “Climate and Resilience” bill, these provisions are detailed in a decree published in the Official Journal on July 25, 2021 which thus includes aid that can amount to 40% of the purchase price, with a ceiling set at 1.500 € under conditions.

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