For the start of the school year, Free is drawing a new 90 GB package at less than € 9 / month

[Le Deal du Jour] Free Mobile is relaunching its limited series on the 4G plan with a new offer: 90 GB for only 8.99 euros per month for one year.

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Following the back-to-school trend among mobile operators, Free is also taking the opportunity to offer a new limited series in its 4G package offer. Until September 7, the operator is highlighting a package with a 90 GB envelope for only 8.99 euros per month. That’s 10 GB more than its old offer, for 1 euro less.

Details of the 90 GB package at 8.99 euros per month // Source: Free.

To better understand the offer

  • What does this package offer for 8.99 euros / month?

This limited series package has unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in mainland France and the overseas departments. SMS and MMS are also unlimited, for the same territory in addition to Europe.

On the 4G side, the package amounts to 90 GB to be used in France. With such a large amount of data, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your mobile digital environment, without fear of being really limited. We think in particular of video and music streaming. Free has also thought of including 10 GB in this package to be used for Europe and the DOM.

  • What else do I need to know?

For all its plans, Free offers a series of specific services, such as telephone assistance or the receipt of monthly invoices by email instead of mail. Free also provides security services such as the rejection of anonymous calls, protection against call forwarding or filtering of calls and SMS.

Regarding 4G Free, to make the most of it, it is better to have a smartphone compatible with the 700 MHz frequency band (B28), widely used in France by the operator. While the majority of smartphones available on the market are compatible (such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy), some entry-level or older models from Xiaomi or Huawei are not. So be sure to find out about the compatibility of your smartphone before subscribing to a Free plan.

  • Can I keep my number if I choose this package?

It is of course possible to keep your current number by changing operator. Free is no exception to the rule and offers number portability upon registration, by providing its RIO code. The latter can be obtained by calling 3179. In all cases, this implies a change of SIM card, so allow an additional 10 euros when ordering to obtain one.

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