For these reasons you should not update the Nvidia Shield TV to Android 11

A few days ago we woke up with excellent news: you can now update the Nvidia Shield TV to Android 11. Considering that the tube model was presented in 2015, it is a point in favor of the American manufacturer. The problem is that The latest version of the Shield Experience Upgrade 9.0 firmware, which would bring version 11 of Android TV, is giving real headaches to owners of a signature player, so We do not recommend updating the Nvidia Shield TV to Android 11.

The Nvidia forums have been filled with angry users that after updating the Nvidia Shield TV to Android 11 they are experiencing all kinds of problems. Some have stopped working with the WiFi, problems getting Plex to recognize USB drives, problems with the volume control, problems with the IR controls, generic errors when opening Kodi (cannot use voice recognition among other errors) …

Nvidia is already working on a fix

To give you an idea of ​​the seriousness of the matter, in the Nvidia forums there is a thread only with the Errors detected in applications after updating the Nvidia Shield TV to Android 11. In short, this Shield Experience Upgrade 9.0 update is proving to be a complete disaster.

As expected, Nvidia is working on a fix through a firmware update that fixes all the problems that they have detected, and that they will find in the next few days. But meanwhile, do not think about updating your Nvidia Shield TV to Android 11 as you are going to have more problems than anything else.

If you have already updated your media player to the latest version available, you will surely experience different crashes with apps or operation. The only thing you can do is be patient until Nvidia releases a final HotFix that fixes all the issues.

In case you have updated your Nvidia Shield TV to Android 11, we invite you to go through this thread of the Nvidia forums where you will find the steps you must follow to solve part of the problems. In any case, calmly read the instructions that they indicate to be clear what you can do to solve the problems temporarily.

Undoubtedly, an Nvidia blunder that is not making any grace to the owners of an Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro. It is normal that an update fails on occasion, but in this case it was one of the best firmware and most anticipated , so it is logical the commotion that has been generated around the Nviida Shield TV crashes when updating to Android 11.

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