For this reason they want to steal your ChatGPT account

In the last few days we have seen what has happened to some 100,000 ChatGPT accounts that have been targeted by hackers. They have been able to steal them through different strategies and, although it is not something that has affected everyone, the risk is always there. But why do they want steal ChatGPT accounts? We are going to explain what are the interests that exist for an attacker to decide to steal the accounts.

ChatGPT is a popular artificial intelligence tool. Basically we can ask anything and, better or worse, he answers us. Precisely that, the questions that users ask, can be highly valued on the Internet. It is what can cause hackers to set their sights there and try to take over the accounts.

Interest in ChatGPT accounts

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to steal personal data. They can do it if they steal passwords for email or social networks, for example. They might as well do it if they sneak in a virus and start reading the search history. But lately the theft of ChatGPT accounts for more information has been very present.

When you search for something in ChatGPT, that is stored in history. For example, maybe you are interested in the world of motorsports and you are looking for specific things, such as how an engine works, tricks to save fuel when using a motorcycle, information for driving on snow, etc. This is just an example, since you can really search for anything.

If an attacker manages to access that search history, he will know that, at the very least, you are interested in the motor world. That has great value on the web, since you can create user profiles and sell that information to third parties. They could launch personalized Spam campaigns or even more personalized attacks, such as Phishing.

Therefore, the ChatGPT search history can really tell a lot about you. It is true that it is not the same in the case of someone who has used it on a few occasions than another person who uses it daily, but there is a lot of data that may be stored there and will be targeted by cybercriminals.

Attack against ChatGPT

Some companies prohibit data sharing

What we mentioned has led to companies that have prohibited their employees share data with ChatGPT business related. As we’ve explained, that could end up in the wrong hands if an attacker manages to exploit a bug in your computer, sneak in malware, or use social engineering to get hold of your account.

For this same reason, there are countries where they have banned this tool. What they seek is to protect the privacy of users, since they consider that there are no adequate measures to avoid problems. Of course, you can always use software to bypass these types of blocks, even if you have to avoid typical problems with the VPN.

In short, as you can see, ChatGPT accounts can be a target for cybercriminals to steal personal information. Anything you seek can be exposed if you make mistakes. For this reason, we recommend that you keep your device protected, updated and not make basic mistakes that could cause a problem.

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