For this reason your Wifi is going to start to get worse soon

It must be taken into account that having a good connection It is very important to be able to play streaming videos without cuts, use the cloud or download files. Therefore, it is essential to take measures to ensure that everything works correctly and does not affect our daily lives.

Too many connected devices

The problem is that every time we have more connected devices to network. It is not the same a few years ago, when we barely had a computer or a mobile phone, as it is now. Nowadays practically everything has a Wi-Fi connection. You can connect light bulbs, plugs and appliances of all kinds, in addition to the more traditional ones such as mobile phones, tablets and computers.

This can make the router becomes saturated. After all, it is a device that has firmware and needs to resolve requests. It is basically the same as if you open many programs at the same time on your mobile. The more devices there are connected to the network, the more problems there may be.

It should be mentioned that routers, especially the most modern ones, have great capacity. They are not going to get saturated by simply connecting a few devices. However, when the figure is too high is when problems can appear. You may notice that the network is not working as it should, with frequent outages and loss of speed.

But why are we going to have problems with the number of connected devices? This is due to the home automation. It is something that is increasing. We have more and more smart devices at home. There are more appliances that have Wi-Fi, temperature sensors that connect to the router, surveillance cameras, lights, smart locks… It is something that is going to cause problems in the future.

Offers on smart devices

How to prevent the router from saturating

The first thing is to have a router that has good capacity, that is modern and does not have problems connecting many devices. Beyond this, it is also important that you use the different Wi-Fi frequencies correctly. The 2.4 GHz band is the one that tends to be most saturated and not only due to the devices you have at home, but even due to what your neighbors do. Therefore, use the band that best suits you in each case.

One option you can use is to connect the devices by cable. At least, you can take advantage of the ones that are compatible with ethernet cables and thus avoid further saturating the Wi-Fi network. For example, you can connect computers by cable, television, etc. The less you saturate the wireless network, the better.

You can also try improve wireless network, to have fewer problems in areas where the signal may reach worse. You can use Wi-Fi repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices to carry the connection from one place to another in the home. There are many options available, but you must choose devices with guarantees. It will help you avoid problems with Wi-Fi.

In short, as you see in the future you may have problems with the Wi-Fi network at home. The reason is that we have more and more devices connected wirelessly. Especially, everything related to home automation can cause the network to begin to become saturated.

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