For Valentine’s Day, this Mac antivirus is at a sweet price (-65%)

A great expert in cybersecurity on the Mac, Intego offers for Valentine’s Day a very advantageous rate on all its software. It’s the perfect time to protect your computer at a mini price.

All opportunities are good to boost its sales volumes. This is what the American cybersecurity specialist on Mac, Intego, understood. The latter offers as part of Valentine’s Day an offer that allows you to save money on all your software. Whether its star antivirus alone or a software bundle, you can save up to -65%.

Intego is an expert in protecting and optimizing Macs. Founded in 1997 by two Frenchmen, the company has since moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas. Its antivirus VirusBarrier is the great reference on Mac. Intego focuses solely on macOS and capitalizes on its know-how to outperform other market players who focus primarily on Windows.

Via an exclusive offer for our readers and for Valentine’s Day, the Intego antivirus drops to 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros. You won’t find better anywhere else, whether directly on the publisher’s site or with competitors. To protect your Mac and take advantage of the recognized know-how of the American publisher, it’s a very good price.

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If you want to go even further, Intego also offers you a Valentine’s Day discount on its complete bundle. The latter includes no less than 4 software – each more useful than the other. The first is of course the antivirus, but it is accompanied by a tool to clean your Mac, a back-up system in the cloud and a tool for parental control.

This suite is very complete and it allows you to 1) protect your Mac and 2) clean and speed up your computer. If you have the budget, we can only recommend it to you: it is priced at 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros. You therefore save more than 60% on these four reference software. Clearly, by adding 10 euros more compared to the cost of the Mac antivirus alone, you have the total.

To discover this pack, it’s here:

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In addition to having an ultra attractive price for all its software, Intego demonstrates great flexibility: You have 30 days to change your mind and cancel your subscription if you do not like the service. Whether it’s Mac antivirus or the entire security bundle, that money-back guarantee is guaranteed. So you take no risk on your purchase.

As Mac cybersecurity specialists, Intego also understands the mindset of its customers. These are sensitive to design, user experience and performance. He has therefore developed software that is fast, energy efficient and above all discreet. They will run in the background without interfering with navigation. It’s very different from the majority of antiviruses (some of which are free and dubious) that are also found on Windows, and which keep pounding you with anxiety-provoking pop-ups.

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