Ford prepares important changes: Its electrical division will operate as an independent unit

It’s official, Ford has confirmed the separation of its business units of cars based on electric motors and cars based on combustion engines, a movement that, frankly, has not taken us completely by surprise, since we already told you at the time that several important brands, including the French Renault, were considering the possibility of carrying out this same step.

With this step, both business units will function as completely separate entities. The objective of this change is as simple as it is clear, Ford has realized that electric cars are no longer the future, but the present, and is taking measures focused on empower and drive your electric motor drive.

Does this mean that both business units will be truly independent? Well yes, although with an important nuance, since although Ford has confirmed that will manage both groups separately the two will remain under your corporate mantlesomething that should not surprise us either.

If we look at the international scene we will quickly realize that the big players in the automotive sector are investing, at an accelerated pace, large amounts of money to advance in the race for electrification. We are not talking about hundreds of millions of euros, but billionsand conglomerates as important as General Motors and Volkswagen, among others.

Competing with Tesla in the electric car market is one of the main objectives set by the big players in the sector, and it is understandable since, if we look to the near future, it is estimated that the electric car market will have worth about $5 trilliona dizzying figure that alone explains the enormous interest of the main brands in the sector.

Nothing is final yet, but according to industry insiders Ford is paving the way, with this move, to a possible split of both divisions, something that could happen in the not too distant future. For his part, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently commented that his management team is convinced that the electric vehicle business unit is still not performing at a good level in terms of revenue, always compared to the combustion vehicle business.

With this in mind, we can also guess that this division of business units could also have accounting and auditing, control and identification purposes of the evolution of the isolated income of this unit of electric motors.

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