Ford signs Doug Field, vice president of the Apple Car project

The news related to the Apple Car, is concentrated in time. The same we do not have any news in weeks or even months, than in the same week we find several news with the Apple project of creating your own electric vehicle rather than creating an autonomous driving system (although we can’t rule it out either).

Yesterday we informed you of the arrival of two Mercedes engineers to Apple’s Titan project. Today we are talking about a serious setback for this project, since, according to Bloomberg, Doug Field, who joined Apple from Tesla, has signed for the American company Ford. Doug field served as vice president of Apple’s special projects team.

Doug field started working at Tesla in 2013 and he was in charge of the Model 3 production before Elon Musk assumed that responsibility.

In 2018, his career took a 180 degree turn and landed at Apple as director of the Titan project, a project behind which is the Apple Car according to a publication last year in which it also stated that it had a team of hundreds of engineers working under the direction of John Giannandrea.

In motion that it can be a hard blow For the short-term aspirations of Apple and his vehicle, Doug Field rejoins Ford, where he began his 1987 career.

Last January, this same publication indicated that there were many unknowns related to the Apple Car and how a product could be launched in 5 or 7 years. This same report stated that the car is “nowhere near in production” and that “deadlines could change.”

The latest news related to the production phase of the Apple Car points to 2024, information that comes from the DigiTimes medium and that was later confirmed by CBS. If Doug Field’s departure represents a change in production plans, time will tell.

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