Forget about opening and closing blinds with the latest from Aqara

Aqara turns your curtains and blinds into smart

Throughout the week, each of us usually performs a good number of actions that are very repetitive and boring. Most of them are related to the home, although some of them we already have quite well resolved. For example, everything that has to do with cleaning is now more comfortable thanks to robot vacuum cleaners. These, once programmed, allow you to forget about sweeping every day and your house stays clean for longer.

However, there are other actions that we also carry out on a daily basis and they are not so easy to solve. Or yes, but there is a lack of options that make it worth betting on them. One of these actions is to open and close curtains, blinds and even blinds. Because in some countries not so much, but here in Spain we usually put the room in the dark when we go to sleep due to light pollution from outside that could make us not sleep well.

With the exception of the automation of blinds, such as those that normally go in external drawers or embedded in the wall, which require a motor and a more complete installation due to a matter of weight and force necessary to raise and lower them, the truth is that automate the curtains or blinds is much simpler.

Currently there are already several devices that make blinds smart, but now a new option is added from the hand of one of the most attractive manufacturers in all this of home automation: Aqara.

Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 It is a small, easy-to-install device that allows you to control and automate actions on light blinds, curtains and blinds. Everything in a simple way and most importantly: with support for the main home automation platforms.

And it is that, this devices for blinds from Aqara offers support with the communication standard Zigbee 3.0. That means that it is necessary to have a compatible Zigbee HUB such as the Aqara Hub M2 or Aquara Hub G2H, which offer compatibility for that new version. By the way, the device integrates its own battery that is recharged through a USB C connector.

Control your blinds with voice commands or automate actions

Once you have connected the new controller for Aqara curtains, blinds and blinds, the next step is to take advantage of all its control options. To begin with, there are the basic ones that you can do through your mobile phone and its corresponding application.

Then there is voice control, compatible not only with Alexa and Google Assistant, also with Siri from Apple. That means that you can use any assistant to tell him what you want. And of course, in the same way that you use your voice, you could also take advantage of the routines of each and every one of the platforms.

And if you want to complete the experience even more, you could also resort to the use of IFTTT if you want something more specific or combine other devices that for some reason you are interested in having more linked to service than to the home automation platforms themselves.

Price and availability

The new Aqara Pen Blinds, Shades and Blinds Controller has now been launched on the UK Amazon store. This limits its acquisition a bit, but it will soon reach Amazon stores in the rest of Europe.

The price of this device should be around 60 euros, which is not bad considering its versatility, options and that it adapts to different types of people tapes thanks to the different adapters it integrates. So if you want to automate your house a little more, stay tuned. Because without being the only option of this type, it is true that due to the proper functioning of the rest of the products, it must be taken into account.

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