Forget about the batteries in your PC and Xbox controllers with these batteries

There is a division of opinion among the gamers about whether it is better for Xbox controllers to remain with the option of using swappable batteries or whether Microsoft should take the step in future generations of adding a rechargeable battery. If we think about it, There are arguments for and against supporting either position. although if you prefer a PS5-style solution, we have good news for you.

Say goodbye to AA batteries for the Xbox controller

As we tell you, there are many users who can’t stand the fact that their Xbox controllers –compatible with PC as well– work with batteries because they think that at any moment they will run out of energy and the same thing they don’t have more to put. So they prefer the solution of having a rechargeable battery, which is more comfortable because when we stop playing we just have to leave the USB-C cable connected and that’s it.

Luckily, the design of the Xbox controller is designed to allow a rechargeable battery to be inserted, so Microsoft’s hardware actually has ended up satisfying those two irreconcilable factions of gamers that populate the ecosystem of the console. Of course, it will cost us a little extra. The fact is that to make your life a little cheaper, nothing like a couple of offers that Amazon has active now, in case you want to try the benefits of leaving those AA batteries behind.

In these batteries for Xbox controllers –PC compatible– you have to differentiate between two different types of models, so that you take this into account before buying anything: those that can be loaded without having to remove them from the controller itself and those that need an external charger. The former are more comfortable but usually break the original aesthetic of the peripheral while the latter are more discreet in that sense. Below we leave you the three alternatives that we have selected for you.

Full load the game

The first of the models that we bring you is the Power A Play and Charge Kit that comes with two batteries that already have their own housing and USB-C cable connector. It will not be necessary to remove them and you can always have them inside of the Xbox controller. It has an LED that tells us when it is charging and when it has reached 100%. Enjoy up to 40 hours of gaming autonomy.

The second is a fun tribute to Xbox Series X since the batteries are recharged in a module that has the shape of the Microsoft console. It also comes with two units and the manufacturer guarantees us 25 hours of uninterrupted play.

The third is somewhat rougher and less original. It also brings two batteries and the recharging module looks like one for normal batteries, but if it does its job… what else does it matter? It guarantees us 28 hours of uninterrupted play.

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