Forget about your mobile this summer with these Smartwatches

Summer is coming and with it the swimming pool, routes through the mountains, the beach, eating with friends, playing sports and many more things where sometimes you can store your mobile phone while you bathe so that it is not stolen or go for a run with little space for he is quite annoying.

That is why today we are going to see the best smart watches of the moment so that you can be connected in case you need to make an emergency call but without having to carry your phone with you.

Smartwatches with data

We will compile the best option for both eSIM and slot for normal SIM cards if you prefer to put one yourself.

We will focus on cheap models since we all know that an Apple Watch LTE has this option but I suppose that if you come looking for this item it is because you do not want something so expensive. Therefore keep in mind that there are better options, but today I will show you the ones that I consider TOP in quality-price.

1.Galaxy Watch 4 LTE

Although it is not the cheapest watch on the market, it has an LTE connection through eSIM and we would be talking about the Samsung brand, with all that that means. One of the best options if we want quality and at the same time a good price. We could carry out any action without having to carry the mobile.

2. Fossil Connected LTE

Another fairly cheap option that allows us to make calls without our phone nearby. It is not a brand as well known as Samsung but it offers us the same functions. It all depends on the offer you find it at. But usually it is usually very well priced.

Smartwatches for children and adults

On the other hand, we also have models for children and the elderly, focused on being able to locate them or have them notify us in case something happens.


This first would be aimed at older people, from registering a fall and notifying us, to being able to call emergencies if something happens to them. We can also have them located in case they get lost, as well as other functions that may be interesting, such as reminders to take medication.

2.Jianyana 4G

This other model would be for children, with a design more geared towards them than the previous one. They could bathe with it, play, take it to school, and with any problem they have they could call us instantly or press the SOS button to ask for help without having to do anything else.

sim slot watch

Any of these 4 options allow us to leave our phone at home and be in touch with anyone in seconds. The first two would be more aimed at people who want to go out to play sports or take a dip in a pool without having to go with their mobile through their own number by contracting the eSIM option, and the last two would need a normal SIM card that we would feed into them so they could have a number to reach.

There are more options on the market as we mentioned at the beginning, and better ones, however, if the goal is simply to forget about the phone, I think these are the cheapest and most functional for it, since these types of devices are still quite expensive.

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