forget Black Friday, Samsung is more aggressive for Christmas (-70%)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are at a reduced price on the official Korean website. These are the best prices in existence, especially if you take into account all the advantages that are included with the smartphone.

This year, Samsung will have sublimated the telephony market with its new Galaxy S21. They are among the best Android smartphones on the market. The S21 Ultra is exceptional across the board, while the classic Galaxy S21 is the best value for money (in the high end segment). For Christmas, he offers new prices – that no one will be able to ignore.

On the Korean official website, the Galaxy S21s can lose up to more than half of their price with Christmas offers. The whole point of these advantages lies in the fact that they can be combined to allow you to benefit from the lowest price. You won’t be able to make better savings – as long as the stock is still available.

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To give you an idea of ​​all these advantages:

  • Up to 160 euros immediate discount
  • 100 euros bonus on resumption
  • A pair of Galaxy Buds 2
  • Up to -15% on a pack with eligible items
  • 5% in Samsung Rewards points

The Samsung Galaxy S21s have been popular smartphones since they hit the market last January. In this sense, they are often out of stock, including on the official website. As part of this Christmas offer, several colors and storage formats are already unavailable. In addition, it should be noted that a semiconductor crisis has been impacting the tech sector for several months. Some models become more and more complicated to find over time and this is not likely to get better in 2022.

How to get the Galaxy S21 at a low price?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are targeted by a strong discount on the official site. You have to accumulate a maximum of advantages to obtain the most advantageous discount on the smartphone of your choice in the range (S21, S21 + or S21 Ultra). We remind you that you shouldn’t wait to choose your next model because this offer already ends on Sunday evening.

The simplest and most effective benefit is an immediate discount on Samsung Galaxy S21. The amount of the discount differs depending on the version of the range you are taking. Regardless of the model, this reduction is applied to your cart to bring down the price. Here are the different amounts depending on the model you are going to take.

  • 60 euros on the Galaxy S21
  • 110 euros on the Galaxy S21 +
  • 160 euros on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung also gives you a gift when you pick up the Galaxy S21 from the official store. The brand offers you a pair of Galaxy Buds 2 wireless earphones. You can choose the color you want when you put the phone in the shopping cart. These wireless headphones are compatible with your next smartphone, which is a bonus that is sure to please.

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At this, the site allows you to do business on other products in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S21. By taking a pack that includes the smartphone of your choice with one or two other eligible items, you get 10% or 15% off the cart. The list of all the products concerned appears on the store, it may concern the Galaxy Watch 4 or the Tab S7 FE.

Finally, the store allows you to accumulate 5% in Samsung Rewards points. You can use this amount for your next orders to save on accessories or other references for example. Suffice to say that all these offers allow you to greatly lower the final price of the Galaxy S21 that interests you.

All three smartphones are very good

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are high-end smartphones, they have been in the market for less than a year to date and are positioned among the most powerful phones in the world. Whether it’s the Galaxy S21, S21 + or S21 Ultra, you are sure to choose a premium model that will perform well over time without losing power. Let’s see what you need to know about these versions.

First, it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy S21 are equipped with a beautiful OLED panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, two specificities which are valid for the entire range. As for the size, it is 6.2, 6.7 and 6.8 inches respectively – this can also be a selection criterion because you may prefer a classic format or a larger panel.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S21 all have an Exynos 2100 processor. It is the most powerful and recent chip from Samsung, it was designed by the manufacturer in-house. It ensures good performance for this range regardless of the use of the phone. In addition, we remind you that all models are compatible with the 5G network for an even more efficient connection on a daily basis.

The Galaxy S21 are entitled to premium batteries for autonomy of choice, these are 4,000 mAh, 4,800 mAh and 5,000 mAh depending on the model. All are compatible with fast, reverse and wireless charging for powerful recovery. The photo quality is not left out since this range benefits from a selfie camera and an excellent triple photo module on the back. The Galaxy S21 Ultra offers the best photo deal with a 108 Mpx main sensor.

Design, photo, autonomy, power… This premium range made up of three Galaxy S21 models has it all, especially at such prices. No need to remember that these offers will not last, the ruptures are going well since the appearance of these offers on the official site.

To discover all the offers on the Galaxy S21, it’s here:

See Samsung offers

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