Forget Instagram Swipe Up: there will be a sticker to link

A sticker to add links to stories

Currently, only users who have achieved more than 10,000 followers On Instagram they can make use of the Swipe Up function (swipe up). Thanks to this option, the profiles that have it enabled can add links to any web page so that their followers can access it from their stories in a much simpler and faster way than having to go to a web browser, type in the address, etc. .

Therefore, knowing all the advantages and uses that the Swipe Up can have When it comes to recommending content, taking advantage of personalized offers and promotions, etc., it is normal that the vast majority of Instagram users yearn to have access to this function. The problem is that it is not easy to achieve such a number of followers.

However, this could change if the tests that the platform is running end up with positive results. And it is that Instagram is testing a new option to add links in the stories through the stickers.

Yes, those same stickers that right now can be used to make mentions to other profiles, add the location, surveys and much more. Well, for a small group of users, the use of a new sticker that when added to a story allows link to url whatever you want.

This new way of linking content is also more interesting than swiping up because it allows users to also respond to that story. Something that with the current method of adding links was not possible. So it would not only be an improvement in the use of this option, but also in the interaction itself with this type of content.

Link stickers on Instagram for everyone?

Good question, this is something that Instagram has not made clear. It is not known if the option to add links through the use of special stickers will be something available to everyone such as music stickers, etc., or again only for a group of users who meet a series of minimum requirements, such as having a minimum number of followers again.

As they have commented, it seems that everything will depend on how they are used. If the types of links that are used lead to erroneous information, spam, etc., it is likely that they still do not open the option to all users of the platform. Although it would not make much sense to continue limiting the vast majority of users due to the misuse that a few could do. Especially because, as an Instagram user, I am sure that if you see that a profile gives you spam or wrong information, you stop following it and even block it.

A response to TikTok Jumps

In addition to the advantages that the use of Instagram stickers may have to add a special one that allows linking external content to the platform, it seems that this could also be the beginning of the response to the TikTok Jumps and an improvement that is also very focused on the sale options that from Instagram have been offered with Instagram Shopping for some time now.

Therefore, although we will have to wait to see how everything develops, we would dare to say that the links will be something that will reach everyone not in a long time. This way we could avoid having to resort to tricks such as adding external links via IGTV or pages like Linkbio, Linktree, etc.

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