Forget reservations: you can now print your own Steam Deck

Valve does not want the success of its portable console (now, we know it is a PC) to get out of hand. On paper, the reservation phase that began last summer suggests that Gabe Newell’s men have finally found the key to having a hardware product in their catalog capable of tilting the balance towards the field of games of computer, following in the footsteps of what Nintendo has achieved with Switch since 2017. And one of the key elements for Steam Deck to mark an era is to involve the community, the modders, the handyman in that success.

Valve Releases Steam Deck Blueprints

Valve's Steam Deck wireframe.

In a move that could be surprising given how rare it is in the video game industry (and in the hardware industry in particular), Valve has officially released all CAD files that will allow any user to develop their own Steam Deck case and, consequently, turn their design into reality to boast of having an exclusive and unique model in their hands.

In the official message Valve makes it quite clear and shows the facilities it offers to its potential users, as it states that “for all handymen, modders, accessory manufacturers or people who just want to 3D print a Steam Deck to see how are you […] we have published [los] External casing CAD files for download«. If you are interested in tinkering with the machine (virtually) the link from which you can start your particular project is here. In this way, by accessing the official American site, you will be able to download the plans of the “Steam Deck external casing (topology of the surface)” with STP, STL models and reference DWG drawings. All, with Creative Commons license.

Steam Deck CAD files.

The house of Valve cases?

It is evident that after this decision by Valve it is quite clear that the console can be customized with cases of infinite colors and designs (as in the case of PS5) that, not only will we be able to manufacture ourselves, but also buy within a future market that is already beginning to be glimpsed on the horizon, especially with a view to next February 28, the moment in which the first units for users who complete the reservation.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has been able to get hold of one of these Steam Decks within the first batches available, you should keep an eye on your email inbox and the notification from Valve in case they offer you the opportunity to close the purchase. You will have three days to complete the payment and, yes, you will not be able to change the model you chose unless you want to return to the end of the waiting list. All this process will begin on the same day, February 25, starting at 7:00 p.m. in the afternoon (in Spain), taking advantage of the time difference with the West Coast of the US, which is the reference that the companies installed there usually take for this type of process.

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