Forget the browser and use Foxit Reader to open your PDFs

In these times, we find PDF files in all kinds of environments and modes of use, both locally and online, professionally or at home. That is why, in addition to the usual specific programs for these contents, as is the case with Foxit Reader, other more generic ones try to adapt to its use.

A clear example of all this can be found in the usual internet browsers that most of us have installed on our computers. For some time now, their developers are adapting their projects to be able to directly open these PDFs. One of the main reasons for all this is that these files are becoming more and more common when browsing. In this way, in a multitude of web pages we find e-books in PDF, user manuals, or training courses.

Instead of saving the file on our hard drive and opening it with a specific program, browsers make things much easier for us. Today most of them allow us to open them directly when we find them on the web. In addition, and additionally, these browsers put at our disposal some interesting functions. This means that we will have the possibility of including some marks in the document, underlining a part, printing it, or even eliminating some section.

Despite its convenience, this does not mean that these types of programs to move around the internet are always the best solution for PDF. There are other more specific applications for these tasks, as in the case of Foxit Reader.

Why it is recommended to use Foxit Reader to open PDF

The truth is that opening to see the content of a document in this format is quite common these days. In fact, many programs allow us to do this, as is the case with the browsers discussed above. However, on many occasions the limitation of reading as such is not going to help us. When working with PDF files we can carry out a multitude of additional functions that internet browsers do not allow us to perform.

Hence precisely the usefulness that applications such as Foxit Reader present us, since in this way we can go one step further. In this case the recommendation to use this specific proposal for PDF is that it proposes all kinds of actions with them. And it is necessary to take into consideration that this program, once we have it in operation, in addition to reading as such, allows us to carry out different actions related to editing.

So we can add forms, modify content included a priori, type personal comments, protect our documents, or share them with others. In addition, we carry out all this through a simple user interface that catalogs all the functions so that we can use them according to our needs.

Also, it is worth knowing that as soon as you open a PDF document here, Foxit Reader will automatically detects if there are fields that we can fill. As you can imagine, this makes it much easier for us to work with forms in PDF format. Likewise, when it comes to sharing our documents already edited or modified, this is an application that integrates seamlessly with services such as OneDrive or the email to share our files.

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