Forget to charge your laptop? Prevent it from happening again with these 3 tips

If our main work or study tool is a laptop that we always carry with us, running out of battery is the worst thing that can happen to us, if, in addition, we are not careful to always carry the charger with us, relying solely on battery life of the equipment, something that is not recommended to do, since you never know when we may need it.

This problem, like many others related to computers, has different solutions that will help us avoid running out of battery at the most inopportune moment by following the tips that we show you below.

Add an event to the calendar

The chances of running out of battery in our mobile are very remote, since, being our main method of communication, we always have enough precaution to prevent it from turning off due to lack of battery. If we take this premise into account, one of the methods that we can use to remember to get home or before going to sleep to connect the laptop to the charger is to add an event to the calendar that is repeated from Monday to Friday at a fixed time. determined, when we usually get home, minutes before dinner, before going to the shower… In this way, whether using our smartwatch or mobile, the chances of forgetting to charge the mobile are practically remote, as long as we do not let’s forget the mobile when we get home to completely disconnect from work.

Use an app

If when we get home, we continue working with the computer, the chances that we may forget to plug it into the power are quite remote. However, there is always the possibility that, for whatever reason, we will get distracted and connect it. To avoid this, we can use the BattCursor application. BattCursor is a completely free application that adds the remaining battery capacity to the Windows cursor. In addition, we can configure it so that, depending on the battery level, it shows that information in different colors, such as red for when the battery is below 20%.

Although it’s been a while since it’s been updated, BattCursor is compatible starting with Windows XP and works without any issues on Windows 11 and earlier versions. We can download this application from the following link. Once we have unzipped the file, we just have to unzip it and install it on the computer. The app does not include any kind of bloatware during installation.

Extend battery life

If we leave the house without the charger without having charged our equipment, or if we have carried out tasks that have considerably reduced the battery life, we can make a series of adjustments to extend, as far as possible, the hours of use of the device. To do so, we just have to change the power plan to economizer (by clicking on the battery icon on our computer). In addition, we must also lower the brightness to the minimum possible that allows us to see the screen clearly. Both the screen and the intensive use of the processor are the two elements that consume the most energy, both in laptops and in mobile phones and tablets, so, if we keep them at bay, we can extend the battery for even more than an hour. our team.

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