Forget Twitch, follow streams of your favorite games on Steam

Few doubt that at the moment the PC platform to play is experiencing one of its best times. For this success, elements such as current teams, the developers themselves, come into play. video game, the available online stores, or the platforms that help us enjoy them. When we talk about virtual stores that we can use, we refer to some so well known as Epic Games Store or Steam.

In fact, this second proposition we’re referring to is the largest PC gaming store out there. At the same time, if we install the corresponding client on our computer, we will have a multitude of additional functions and features that help us to fully enjoy these titles.

That is why at this time these stores are not only limited to allowing us to purchase, download and install games. Today they go much further when it comes to interacting with objects and users from all over the world. In fact, in addition to the games that we play from the PC, we also have the possibility of following the games of others live. This is something that is also booming thanks to platforms such as Twitch, That allow us follow our favorite streamers and see its contents in real time.

Of course, we must bear in mind that we have at hand several internet services of these characteristics that we are going to love. We tell you all this because in the event that you are regular users of the aforementioned Steam store client, you can put Twitch aside. Precisely all of this is what we will talk about next.

Watch streams of others’ games on Steam

At first perhaps some of you may come to think that this is a store that is limited to providing us with a huge content library. But aside from that, the client that Valve offers us tries to go much further as far as the video game market is concerned. It is possible that some of you do not know the streaming service that this client presents us and that we can use just by having an account on the platform. All this will allow us to follow, in real time, the games of other users with our favorite titles.

It is worth knowing that we have a powerful search engine to locate those contents that really interest us within the client of Steam. For this, all we have to do is install the aforementioned client on our computer, enter the corresponding access credentials. As soon as we start the program, we find the store as such to be able to acquire new titles. At the same time we will have access to our library of games with the titles that we have acquired over time.

But in order to watch live games from here, what we must do is go to the Community / Broadcasts section. At that time we will find a new window with some examples of live game broadcasts. So we would not have to click on the one that interests us, use the search box that is located at the top of this interface.

Here we are also going to meet some shortcuts to popular meeting points at that time corresponding to certain titles. It is also worth knowing that we have the possibility to search for users to see their broadcasts live from Steam.

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