Forgot My Apple Vision Pro Passcode? Here’s How to Reset It

Look, we’ve all been there. You go to unlock your Apple Vision Pro, that familiar passcode screen pops up, and your mind goes blank. Was it your birthday? Your dog’s name spelled backward? That random string of numbers you swore you’d never forget?

Forget about it – literally! Sometimes the only way to get back into your Vision Pro is with a fresh start. And don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. There are a couple of ways to reset that pesky passcode and regain control of your device.

Just one thing before we dive in: BACK UP YOUR STUFF. I can’t stress this enough. Resetting your Vision Pro means starting with a clean slate, so any data that’s not backed up will be gone for good. Consider this your friendly but firm reminder!

Forgot My Apple Vision Pro Passcode? Here's How to Reset It
I Forgot My Apple Vision Pro Passcode

Ready to get back in? Let’s tackle that passcode problem!

Before You Reset the Passcode: Important Things to Know

Okay, before we dive into the reset process, let’s get a few things straight:

  • Wipe: There’s no magic trick to recover your forgotten passcode. Resetting means your Vision Pro gets a fresh start, like it just came out of the box.
  • Backup is Your Best Friend: All your personal stuff – contacts, Persona captures, those custom settings you painstakingly tweaked – goodbye if you don’t have a backup. Let’s hope you were prepared!
  • It’s About Security: Yeah, it’s annoying. But Apple makes this hard on purpose so your private data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands if you lose your Vision Pro.
Apple iCloud
Apple iCloud

Backup Check-Up Time

Chances are, iCloud backs up your Vision Pro automatically. But, let’s make sure:

  • On Your iPhone (If You Have It): Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud backup. Check if it’s enabled, and when the last backup was.
  • Don’t Panic if No iPhone: You can sometimes do a backup through your computer, which we’ll cover in the reset instructions.

If you’ve got a recent backup, you’re golden. No backup? We’ll still get your Vision Pro unlocked, but you’ll have to start from scratch in terms of your personal data.

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How to reset your Apple Vision Pro Passcode

Okay, time for the main event! There are three main ways to reset a forgotten passcode. Choose the method that fits your situation:

Method 1: Use “Forgot Passcode” Option (visionOS 1.0.3 and later)

This method is the most straightforward but requires some prerequisites:

  • Updated Vision Pro: Your Vision Pro needs to be running visionOS 1.0.3 or a newer version of Apple’s operating system.
  • Apple ID Access: You must remember your Apple ID and password associated with your Vision Pro.

How to use Forgot Passcode option to reset Apple Vision Pro

Total time: 2 minutes

1. Incorrect Attempts

Enter an incorrect passcode on your Vision Pro several times until the “Forgot Passcode?” option appears (usually after four failed attempts).

2. Tap Forgot Passcode

Forgot passcode Vision Pro

Tap “Forgot Passcode?” and follow the on-screen instructions.

3. Reset

Then, you will be taken to the Apple Vision Pro Reset window. Here, you will see the Start Apple Vision Pro Reset button. Tap on it.

4. Login

You’ll be presented with a login screen. Enter your Apple ID and password associated with your Vision Pro. This is the same Apple ID you use for iCloud, the App Store, and other Apple services.

5. Erase Apple Vision Pro

Erase Apple Vision Pro option

After the confirmation, you’ll see the option: Erase Apple Vision Pro. Tap on it to start the process.

This will reset your Apple Vision Pro, so you’ll need to start from the very beginning, login your Apple Id, use backup, and start using your Vision Pro just like before!

Method 2: Using the computer connection

This method is the go-to, even if you’re not super tech-savvy. You’ll need:

  • Your Apple Vision Pro
  • A computer (Mac or Windows) with iTunes installed. If you have a newer Mac, you’ll use Finder instead.
  • The charging cable to connect your Vision Pro

Here’s the Play-by-Play:

  1. Hook It Up: Plug your Vision Pro into your computer and open iTunes or Finder.
  2. Recovery Mode: This part is necessary for the reset, so pay attention! Here’s how to enter Recovery Mode depending on your Vision Pro model:
    • Apple Vision Pro (1st generation): Press and hold the Top Button and Side Button together until you see the Apple logo.
    • Apple Vision Pro (later models): Quickly press and release the Volume Up Button, then quickly press and release the Volume Down Button, and finally, hold the Side Button until you see the Apple logo.
  3. Restore: You’ll see options in iTunes/Finder – choose “Restore.” This kicks off the reset process. Follow the prompts, and be patient!

Method 2: iCloud Wipe (If “Find My” is Your Jam)

This is handy if you can’t get to a computer, BUT you need:

  1. “Find My” to be enabled on your Vision Pro beforehand.
  2. To know your Apple ID and password.
  3. Access to another Apple device with the “Find My” app, or the iCloud website.
icloud reset device
iCloud: Erase This Device

The Steps:

  1. Locate Your Vision Pro: In “Find My” or on the iCloud website, find your Vision Pro in the device list.
  2. Initiate the Erase: There’ll be a clear option to erase your device, “Erase This Device“. Warning: This is truly a last resort if you have no backup!
  3. Follow the Prompts: Like with the computer method, your Vision Pro will reset itself.

Important Note: The button combos may vary slightly depending on the specific model and software version of your Apple Vision Pro. Apple’s support website is a great resource for the most up-to-date info for your device model: https://support.apple.com/.

Setting Up Your Vision Pro Again After Resetting The Passcode

Alright, your Vision Pro is back to a clean slate, ready for a fresh start. Let’s get things set up right!

Using the Backups

  • If You Backed Up: Breathe a sigh of relief! During setup, you’ll get the option to “Restore from iCloud Backup.” Follow the onscreen steps, and your precious data will magically reappear. It’s like your passcode mishap never even happened!
  • No Backup? It’s Not the End Of the World: Okay, we’ll be honest. You’ll have to set up your Vision Pro from scratch. Think of it as a chance to declutter and start with a truly clean system.

New Passcode, Who Dis?

Whether you’re restoring a backup or starting clean, you’ll get to choose a new passcode. Here’s some friendly advice:

  • Memorable but Secure: Aim for something you won’t forget, but that isn’t super obvious. Avoid birthdays, simple number patterns, etc.
  • Write it Down (Somewhere Safe!): Only if it’s a secure location, like a password manager. No point in going through all this again, right?

Extra Tip: Apple Vision Pro also offers Face/Optic ID. Setting this up is a smart backup in case you forget your passcode a second time!

Troubleshooting: When Things Get Complicated

Sometimes, even with the best guides, tech stuff goes sideways.

Here’s what to do when the reset process isn’t smooth sailing:

  • The Dreaded “No Backup” Scenario: Look, if you didn’t back up your Vision Pro data before the reset, it’s a tough pill to swallow. Sadly, those contacts, Personas, and settings are gone for good. The lesson here? Backups are your best friend!
  • Apple ID Troubles: Can’t remember your Apple ID password? Or maybe you’re locked out of your account? That throws a wrench in both reset methods. Don’t panic – Apple has ways to recover your account, but it might take a bit of extra effort.
  • “Find My” is a No-Go: The iCloud reset method only works if “Find My” was set up on your Vision Pro beforehand. If it wasn’t, you’re back to the computer + iTunes/Finder method.

Don’t Despair, Help is Out There!

When the going gets tough, remember you’re not alone! Apple Support is your lifeline in these situations. They can help with:

  • Recovering Your Apple ID: Whether it’s resetting your password or unlocking an account.
  • Troubleshooting Reset Issues: If the process gets stuck or throws weird errors, they’ve got the expertise to guide you through.
  • Alternative Solutions: In rare cases, there might be other ways to reset your Vision Pro, especially if it involves complex account or security issues.

How to Reach Apple Support:

  • Website: Apple’s support website (https://support.apple.com/) has tons of resources, FAQs, and even live chat options.
  • Phone Support: They have a dedicated phone number where you can talk to a real human for more specific help. Here’s you can find their customer service number: https://support.apple.com/en-us/106932


Nobody likes getting locked out of their tech, and those passcodes can be a real pain sometimes! But hey, now you know how to give your Apple Vision Pro a fresh start if that ever happens again.

Just remember, backing up your Vision Pro regularly takes the stress out of situations like this. It’s like having an extra life in a video game – way less panic when something unexpected happens.

With a shiny new passcode (and hopefully a good backup), you’re all set to get back to using your Vision Pro! And if you run into any more snags along the way, don’t forget that Apple Support is always there to lend a hand.

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