Former Air Force chief saw a UFO on a nuclear mission and the US government forced him to keep it secret

For many years, the U.S. government He has done the impossible so that he is not questioned about the Existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), despite the fact that there are more and more testimonies of former officials who claim to have seen them and that they would even have evidence that they are real.

Is now the former Air Force First Lieutenant from the United States, Robert Jacobs, who has stolen attention after insisting that the September 14, 1964 witnessed how a UFO shot not once, but four times, at a rocket that was part of a nuclear test which took place in California.

At the time, Jacobs was in charge of a hundred men and had been tasked with going to Big Sur to photograph the launch of Atlas-D missiles, so it had to be aware of the three stages of motorized flight of the artifacts; however, during the simulation of the detachment of the warhead that would go into orbit, he saw something strange.

During a press conference with other former Air Force officials who seek lobby for the government to convene open hearings about the call UFO phenomenon, explained that he was able to appreciate as an object in the form of flying saucer followed the nuclear missile whose objective in the simulation was to distract the Soviet rockets and thus be able to attack Moscow.

So once the unknown object was close enough to the American missile, shot four rays and deactivated it before the astonished gaze of all those attending the nuclear test. This is not the first time that Jacobs has told this anecdote, but it is now that it has been echoed thanks to social networks.

They demanded not to say anything about the UFO

One day after the now Bradley University professor saw how an Unidentified Flying Object fired at the nuclear rocket, he was called to the office of Major Florenze J Mansmann, who was already waiting for him with three men dressed in gray who claimed be from the Central Intelligence Agency (INC, for its acronym in English).

There they showed him a video of what had happened the night before and told him that if someone asked, regardless of whether he was even tortured to confess, he I had to lie and answer that it was a laser tracking of the missile. “But we never had laser tracking in 1964,” the former lieutenant said during the conference.

We are not alone“said Robert Jacobs, hence the importance of speaking out and that more witnesses of UFO sightings break the silence to which they were subjected by the government, as there have been ‘worrisome’ incidents for several decades, and he and his colleagues They have evidence that the foreign objects have disabled nuclear weapons.

In this same vein the former Air Force officer, Robert Salas, who told The Sun in an interview that during a mission the March 24, 1967 in Montana, their 10 nuclear rockets were inoperable after being thrown into the sky. He also specified that a week earlier something similar had happened in another test.

With information from NY Post and The Sun


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