Former Apple and Beats Employees Create SLR-Quality 4K Webcam

Opal C1

It is somewhat curious to see how the market for webcams has been rekindled over the last year. We all know part of the reason: the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus that has kept us confined for so many months continues to cause many companies to still not be able to return to their offices as before and that entails continuing to use video calling applications such as Zoom, Google Meets, etc., on a regular basis.

The positive part is that those who already needed them before the pandemic now have better and more aesthetic options. Because if you needed a good webcam for your day to day, the real options were to use a camera as a webcam. And yes, but it was possible for some, but not for all.

Well, if we recently knew about Dell’s camera, beautiful in terms of design, but without an integrated microphone, now comes a new webcam that has been created by a group of former Apple, Beats and Uber employees. The result? Well, a device that physically is not bad at all and that at the level of characteristics sounds very good.

Professional camera image

Opal C1 is the first webcam of a company that has former employees of companies as important as Apple, Beats or Uber as members. They designed a camera with the intention of offering professional image quality. And we are not going to judge without having been able to test it, but due to the images shown and some comparison against popular webcams, such as those integrated in Apple equipment, they make it look like a solid option for those who need to raise the quality of their video calls and even direct that you can do on platforms like Twitch.

To go through the hardware of the Opal C1, the first thing to comment on is that it has a 7.8 MP Sony sensor. This allows you to capture video at 4K resolution. To be exact, 4056 x 3040 pixels at a speed of 60 frames per second. All this with a lens whose aperture is f1.8. Being so bright it would not only allow a very interesting blur effect depending on what circumstances, but also a better performance in low light.

It is this combination of a high resolution sensor and a large aperture that would allow the Opal C1 to offer professional quality without having to be a pro camera. Something that logically brings advantages, since the convenience of having a camera the size of a small battery is not the same as, for example, a Sony Alpha 7C or similar, however compact they may seem.

Quality, design and versatility

With all this, the Opal C1 certainly looks like a very attractive camera for those looking for high performance in every way. Because not only image quality is what it offers, but also a good audio capture when using various microphones that allow you to capture and focus on the sound of the user’s voice in front of it. So i could isolate other external sounds or noises that would not help good communication. Oh, and USB C connection.

Along with all this would also be the Software options that would allow to have a much more precise control of the captured audio and video, as well as make use of filters that would allow the image to be further adjusted. Because, for example, the level of bokeh, the brightness of the captured image and even the color temperature could be adapted.

The price of a high-end webcam

So far so good, but surely you have already considered that a proposal of this type could be anything but economical. Well, it is so, the Opal C1 is priced at $ 300. So maybe it’s not for everyone.

It is logical that if you compare what a camera would cost you to have a better image quality, it is an economical option. But if you do not need to make video calls or online video communications on a regular basis, the investment may not compensate you and using the one your equipment has, no matter how Justina, is enough.

However, if you need any more options, this Opal C1 may be a model to consider. A high-end webcam that joins proposals such as those from Logi or the recent one from Dell.

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