Former Apple and Beats engineers launch a super webcam designed for Macs


Several former Apple and Beats engineers have set up an accessory device company on their own. And of course, knowing perfectly the points to improve on a Mac, they have started there: a webcam of high performance designed for Macs. They are not stupid.

And they already have it ready. they just launched Opal C1, a professional webcam specially designed for Macs, with exclusive software only for macOS. A declaration of intentions.

A group of ex-engineers from Manzana, Beats and Uber They have just launched a new high-performance webcam. Called Opal C1, it captures high-quality 4K video, premium compilation, noise cancellation, unidirectional microphones, and a suite of professional tools within its exclusive application for macOS.

Opal C1 has just been launched on the market. The company already accepts orders on its website, which will begin shipping soon. It has a sensor Sony 7.8mm camera offering 4K 4056 x 3040, 60fps, f1.8 resolution with a six-element lens. The manufacturer claims that it gets 2.4 times more light than any other webcam and five times the resolution of a normal webcam.

It also has a group of beamforming microphones They find and focus on the sound of the speaker’s voice. And with intelligent noise cancellation, no more inopportune calls to the cell phone, the doorbell, or the barking of the dog in the middle of a video conference.

The camera has a housing made of aerodynamic grade aluminum and a neural microchip is located inside. Opal Trillium customized offering 4 trillion operations per second and another processor Intel VPU.

It has an exclusive application just for macOS, with a multitude of capture settings, such as bokeh, retouching, and special image controls for brightness, contrast, and white balance.

You can now reserve your Opal C1 in white or black for shipping to the USA with a price of 300 dollars, directly on your website. Those of us who live outside of North America will have to wait a little longer to buy it.

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