Former Fast & Furious director to direct One Punch Man movie

A couple of months ago we heard the news that justin lin left the direction of the tenth installment of Fast & Furious. Apparently this was all due to a discussion with Vin Diesel. The actor did not agree with the script. Lin was also unwilling to accept the main star’s demands of him, so he ended up leaving his position to Louis Leterrier, who will ultimately direct. Fast X. Meanwhile, Justin Lin has been looking for an alternative project, and it is none other than adapt the anime One Punch Man to actual action.

Sony Pictures is also encouraged to adapt anime

lin one punch man

The Japanese anime It is at an unprecedented historical moment, as many Western studios are taking an interest in their stories to bring them to the big screen or television. We have recent cases such as the adaptation of one piecewhich is being produced for Netflix alongside Mobile Suit Gundam. However, there are cases that have not turned out so well, such as the adaptation of Cowboy Bebop last year, which did not renew a season, or the disastrous film by death notewhich was not even the shadow of the original work.

after leaving Fast X, Justin Lin thinks he has found a gold nugget. The director and producer has teamed up with Sony Pictures to adapt the series One Punch Man to actual action. Apparently, the film is currently being written, and will start shooting at the end of this year 2022.

What’s so special about One Punch Man?


For many, One Punch Man It’s one of the best anime that have been done to date. It was born in 2009 as a webcomic that was published in Shonen Jump. It didn’t take long for it to go viral and achieve the fame it has now.

One Punch Man is a very interesting superhero story. atypicalwith many hints of humor and a perspective that we had not seen until now. For many comic book fans, superheroes like Superman are absurd for being virtually invincible. Y One Punch Man tells us a similar story with Saitamaa self-made man capable of defeating any enemy with a single punch.

Saitama lives in a city full of dangers, where monsters attack citizens day in and day out. However, he lives in an eternal apathy, because he has never found a rival who supposes some kind of effort.

All this is told by many humorous touchesbecause as has also happened on occasion in the Marvel universe, Saitama not only has the support of society, but is also accused of harming their lives. While he does crazy things like preventing his city from being crushed by a meteorite, his neighbors are only able to see how his houses have been damaged due to the action of the superhero.

At the moment, we do not know more details about this production, so we do not know the release date and casting. What is clear is that, although Vin Diesel would fit perfectly in the main role, he will not play the protagonist for obvious reasons.

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