Fortnite now has almost indestructible walls: this is how they work

How can I build indestructible metal walls?

The new metal walls of Fortnite are called Reinforced Cladding, and it is a type of wall that does not consume resources, but is a complement that you must find on the map. This means that the metal walls that we knew until now will continue to exist, and those will consume metal resources as before.

In the event that you want to build the new walls, you will have no choice but to continue searching among the chests until you find the complement, since like the launching platforms or trampolines, they will be elements that we will have to find on the map inside the chests.

Is it indestructible?

Fortnite Season 6

No. These new metal walls or reinforced coatings are elements that you can destroy, although it will not be an easy task. The energy bar of this element will be 2,500 points, an amount that stands out a lot compared to the 500 resistance points offered by the traditional metal wall. This means that neither grenades nor rocket launchers will be able to destroy the protection on the first try, so it will take several launches to bring it down completely.

This will allow you to take quite advanced defensive positions at times when you need to take cover or mislead the enemy, so if you find them they could be of great help throughout the game.

How are they used?

To build these new reinforced cladding, you will only have to have the accessory in your accessory backpack and use it in the build mode in the same way that you would select the metal or wooden wall, so it will not be difficult to quickly put one on to protect yourself.

This should also be taken into account when encountering an enemy with this protection. The most advisable thing is that you surround the protection and attack on the flanks, since otherwise you will waste arsenal when trying to knock down the wall.

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