Fortnite raises $144 million for Ukraine

You may remember, on March 21 Epic Games announced that the revenue generated by Fortnite during the first two weeks of its new season would go to organizations who are carrying out various humanitarian aid tasks in Ukraine. An initiative that Microsoft also joined, announcing that all the net profits it received from the sale of content associated with Fortnite through the Microsoft Store would be added to what was collected by Epic Games and would be used for the same purpose.

The period established for this campaign was between March 20 and April 3, that is, yesterday was the last day of this action and, as we can read today in The Verge, we can clearly state that it has been a huge success. And it is that heThe sum of what was raised by Epic Games and by Microsoft with Fortnite has reached 144 million dollars. Something to which the spirit of solidarity has contributed, of course, but also the strategic choice of the moment to carry it out, since seasonal changes are usually times when purchases increase.

Even more so in this case, because as we have already told you in recent weeks, Epic Games removed the build mode from Fortnite, the most relevant change at the start of this new season, but despite being quite well received in general by the community, it turned out to be a temporary test, which was reversed a few days later. Now, the experiment has gone so well that, as we were telling you this morning, Epic Games has announced Fortnite Zero, a new mode that will be added to the game soon and that, reproducing the surprise of the start of the season, will dispense with the construction mode .

Fortnite raises $144 million for Ukraine

The money raised through Fortnite in-app purchases will be distributed among several organizationssuch as Direct Relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the United Nations Children’s Fund and the World Food Program, which in all cases will dedicate these funds to the actions they are carrying out carried out in Ukraine, the victim of unjustifiable aggression by Russia, which in recent hours has given us goosebumps with the images of the trail of death sown by Russian troops in Bucha.

This one from Epic Games with Fortnite is just one of the many actions carried out by the gaming industry in support of Ukraine, which we have already begun to see since the first days of the invasion, and which more recently have materialized in actions such as the carried out by and by Humble Bundle, which raised 6,370,317.20 dollars and 18,764,834 euros, respectively.

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