Fortnite will include the construction mode again next week

just a few days ago, Fortnite surprised its community with the presentation of its new season, which in addition to some new characters and collaborations such as Marvel’s Dr. Strange, brought with it one of the most unexpected updates to date, completely removing one of the features that make this game unique: the construction mode.

And it is that during these days, Fortnite had taken “a step back” to become a more conventional battle royale, focused exclusively on the shooter field, testing the skills of its players. However, while the reception for this addition has been far better received than anyone might have expected, It seems that Epic is already preparing to return to normality.

Although it is not an official statement, as they have shared since the Fortnite News twitter accountit seems that the return of the constructions will take place today throughout the day.

In this way, if this leak is fulfilled, the return to normality would occur exactly one week after Fortnite left behind its traditional cycle of mining and construction. However, this would be upset with the advances offered by data minerswhich, as shared by PC Gamer a few days ago, pointed out that this mode without constructions was here to stay.

And the company could be about to present a split both waysthus offering a way to satisfy the two sides already formed within their community.

And it is that although we said before that this change had been quite well received, of course it did not have the full support of the player base, with many users already accustomed to having perfected their techniques around these constructions. In addition to the fact of the loss of a great differentiator that made Fortnite unique within this genre that they themselves ended up popularizing.

And you, do you think that Fortnite should go back to what it was? Is the game better now that there are no buildings? Should Epic choose to include both modes?

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