Fortnite’s next step: a movie?

The universe of Fortnite it is immense, however, everything is focused on the video game. With the title present on all platforms (except where Apple does not let it be, which is basically on all the devices on the block), Epic Games wants to continue growing its star title encompassing much more than we could imagine, and the following step seems to be focused on a branch of the industry in which it would make a lot of sense: movies and series.

What if they make a Fortnite movie?

considering the lore that season after season has been squeezed into the game, it is clear that Fortnite is not lacking in arguments. That is why the supposed proposal of Epic Games goes to movies or TV series, since you do not have to be too smart to intuit that they will be a success. This is expressed in The Information, where they assure that Epic is considering the jump to this type of productions.

And the information is that three high-ranking LucasFilm employees have met with Epic Gamesa earlier this year, so taking into account the power of the firm in the world of cinema, we would be talking about something extremely big. For now, it appears that there is a Fortnite movie project on the table, but absolutely nothing else is known.

Why movies?

Fortnite Desert Island theory

The damage suffered with the disappearance of the Apple ecosystem within the Fortnite equation is considerable. Epic loses a lot by not being able to make the teams on the block, so it has no choice but to explore new entertainment businesses in search of performance.

We have already commented that the metaverse created around the game reaches unsuspected levels, so a movie saga would be something that many users would be willing to accept with their eyes closed.

Around all this the appearance of Binge as the right service for Fortnite content. Presented for next 2022, Binge will arrive as a content platform exclusively related to video games, so the presence of Fortnite could give a tremendous boost to the service, now that it has confirmed productions such as Driver by Ubisoft, the series Checkpoint of El Rubius and recently the series of System Shock.

For now we will have no choice but to play

But let’s not get ahead of events. The information published is for now a simple rumor for which we would still have to wait a long time to see it come true. That Fortnite is going to have a movie was something that anyone could imagine (even Angry Birds had theirs), but for now it is something that they must mature and prepare thoroughly. And in Epic Games they are not especially short of time if we take into account the rhythm that the seasons of the game run. That really is a non-stop.

So you better keep playing and decide where to land before the game ends earlier than expected.

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