Four entrepreneurs create Nash21, to transform rental contracts into NFTs

In a context marked by the evolution of Fintech, Nash21 was born, a company specialized in tokenizing, marketing and offering new guarantees to participants in the rental market, integrating them from innovation to the crypto ecosystem.

Tokenization is the process of digitally representing a real asset, making it transactional. Nash21 transforms the traditional rental contract in a smart contractthat dormant asset now acquires value, allowing the purchase and sale of contracts, advance rent, obtain guaranteed loans, optimize processes between the participants in the real estate industry and democratize investments to new targets.

Nash21 was born in Spain, founded by four entrepreneurs: Nicolás Barilari, Miguel Caballero, Gabriela Roberto Baró and Jesús Pérez. Nicolás Barilari Plana, CEO and co-founder of Nash21, explains that “With Nash21 technology, a universe of new uses and business models opens up. We take the rental agreement and tokenize it. The particularity of the process is that it also includes a non-payment guarantee that ensures that the contracts are guaranteed for both the owner and the holder of the NFT, being a risk-free operation.

It also highlights that “our proposal is built on a decentralized model and we want all rental contracts to be smart, through a simple and economical process”. As soon as the rental contract is tokenized in NFT-formatuses that did not exist before are enabled, such as:

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  • The possibility of collecting rent per day, without waiting for the end of the month.
  • Sell ​​the rental contract to advance the rent (for example, the owner usually receives 1,000 euros per month for 12 months, now he can advance part or all of the rent in a single payment).
  • Use the rental contract (the NFT) as a means of payment or collateral for loans.

In addition to talking about new uses that allow to name smart contracts (Smart Contracts), a new business model is created that offers multiple advantages over the traditional model:

  1. Greater agility in all processes.
  2. The figure of the notary is not necessary because the entire process is carried out through Blockchain technology.
  3. New utilities for rental contracts: the owner can use and collect the rent on a daily or weekly basis without having to wait for the end of the month through the Nash21 guarantee fund. You can sell the rental agreement; use it as support to apply for a loan; send the NFT of the contract or rent to a third person anywhere in the world.

Gabriela Roberto Baró, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of Nash21, emphasizes that “In short, we allow the owners of flats to take the rental contracts out of the drawer, we value an asset that until now was dormant. Nash21, through Blockchain technology, allows rental contracts to now be transactable, acquiring the possibility of being used like many other financial instruments”.

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