Four Steps to Succeeding Your IT-as-a-Service Strategy

Improving the customer experience is causing innovation cycles to get faster and faster. Large and small companies are immersed in a transformation process to keep up. The scalability of the cloud and the flexibility of pay-as-you-go have been a catalyst for this transformation. As organizations adopt a multicloud model, they also expect that all your computing environments keep up.

An organization’s cloud needs vary by industry, workload, and application. Although they can benefit from the flexibility of the resources of a public cloud, they generally also need an on-premises solution. In fact, according to Gartner, by this same year, more than 75% of large and medium-sized companies will have adopted a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy.

However, as we will discover in the ebook “Four fundamental steps to adopt IT as a service”, Beyond implementation, managing hybrid environments often forces IT departments to duplicate tools, or deploy more human resources to manage both public and private clouds.

How can we simplify this process? And beyond that, how can we have a cloud experience at the local level, so that we can avoid those duplications and we can work with our IT infrastructure in a transparent way? From HPE and in the eBook that we recommend today, they propose four fundamental steps:

  1. Define the suitable combination to remain in control, based on current business needs.
  2. Incorporate scalability processes on demand as part of a hybrid cloud model with all as a service.
  3. Align the IT spending with income streams.
  4. Evaluate the operating model to improve productivity.

To meet these requirements, having a flexible, pay-as-you-go IT model that combines the best of the public cloud with the control that the private cloud enables can be a good solution. If you discover how to do it and have the best advice for it, don’t think twice. Download, completely free, our guide “Four Fundamental Steps to Adopt IT as a Service.”

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