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The fourth wave Covid-19 has led the governments of various European countries to implement measures drastic such as compulsory vaccination and the return to confinements, which caused the discontent widespread of thousands of people, who last weekend have come out to demonstrate en masse in various cities European.

Holland is one of them, where tens of thousands of people demonstrated this Saturday against the reinstated sanitary measures to try to stop a new onslaught of the pandemic of coronavirus. Europe is currently facing a new wave of contagions from Covid-19, therefore, several countries have decided to tighten their restrictions.

As context, Austria announced last Friday that it would confine the population again as of this Monday, November 22 and that the vaccination anticovid will become mandatory from February, news that did not sit well in the population, which massively took to the streets to demonstrate against the government’s measures.

Dutch confront police during protests

Meanwhile, in a popular district of The Hague, seat of the government of HollandHundreds of people threw stones and various objects at the police, and set bicycles on fire. Consequently, officers in suits riot attacked the protesters and used a water cannon to put out a fire at a busy intersection.

One day after the country experienced this wave of protests, mostly peaceful, the police detained several people, as confirmed by AFP journalists. The port of Rotterdam, also in the Netherlands, recorded episodes of violence in the protests on Friday, when two people were injured and 51 arrested in the clashes.

The Netherlands again applied a lockdown last week to face the increase in cases of Covid-19, with a series of sanitary restrictions that especially affect the bars and restaurants, which must close at 8:00 p.m. The government now plans to ban access to some places for those who have not been vaccinated, especially bars and restaurants.

35 thousand people come out to demonstrate in Vienna, Austria

On Vienna, capital of Austria, more than 35 thousand people, according to the police report, took to the streets this weekend, summoned by the far-right party FPÖ, although its leader, Herbert Kickl, did not attend for testing positive virus.

The crowd gathered in the heart of the Austrian capital, near the chancellery, and with banners they denounced “the crown-dictatorship”, while with slogans they demanded they said “no to the division of society.” The protest was developed under heavy police surveillance, as law enforcement agencies feared the arrival of vandals, neo-Nazi militants, and the movement identity, extreme right.

Violence grows in the Netherlands

The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, told reporters that “the policeman considered it necessary to draw their weapons to defend themselves “, this after the protests last Friday, according to what the TV Dutch public NOS, in this confrontation two people were injured by the shots.

Given this situation considered “very serious” and described by the mayor as “orgy of violence”, The local authorities decided to prohibit any gathering in the area. This Saturday, the organizers of another demonstration planned in Amsterdam they decided to cancel it.

“Last night (Friday) all hell broke loose in Rotterdam”Said the organization on Facebook United We Stand Europe, that acts against sanitary restrictions. Keep the manifestation in Amsterdam “it didn’t seem fair to us,” he stressed.

Despite the cancellation, hundreds of protesters protested this Saturday in Amsterdam and a similar number in the southern city of Breda, which did maintain the announcement. Moreover, thousands of protesters marched in the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

Portugal finalizes measures against covid but rules out confinement

The Portuguese Government rules out advancing with a lockdown generalized to halt the advance of the coronavirus, but last measures that will be announced this week while the virus claimed 14 deaths today and 2,560 new contagions.

According to the latest bulletin of the Directorate General of Health (DGS), Portugal, with about 10 million inhabitants, has an incidence of 228.9 cases per 100,000 and the virus transmission index (Rt) is 1.19.

The country, which is now facing its fifth wave of infections since the pandemic With figures similar to those of three months ago, accumulates 1 million 126 thousand 318 positive and 18,353 deaths. The first Minister, António Costa, ruled out the general confinement in the meetings held today with leaders of the different Portuguese parties before announcing measures to stop the virus.

With 86% of the population vaccinated with the complete regimen, Portugal progresses with the third dose and plans to vaccinate children under 12 years of age after an increase in the detection of contagions in that strip.

Faced with the increase in contagions, and with the Christmas parties on the doorstep, Coast on Friday called a meeting with experts who recommended recovering the use of the mask outdoors, doing more tests, reducing gauges in public places and streamline the processes of vaccination, among other measures


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