Foxconn believes the chip shortage will last until the second half of 2022

Foxconn is one of the main suppliers of Apple. He is dedicated to assembling many of his devices. Components from different manufacturers enter its plants, and iPhones, iPads or Macs manufactured and packed leave to be distributed to stores.

So you know exactly how the situation is in terms of the shortage of chips that is affecting all manufacturers in many sectors, from electronic devices, to automobiles, since they cannot manufacture their products because their suppliers do not supply the chips that they need to finish manufacturing their items. And today he commented that the thing goes for long….

The Wall Street Journal yesterday published a report explaining that one of Apple’s main suppliers, assembler Foxconn, expects the global shortage of chips to continue well into the second semester of 2022, thus prolonging the disputes with the different manufacturers of processors, so that they can supply the chips that the electronic device market needs, among others.

It is known to all that Apple has not escaped of the problem, but the truth is that until this last quarter, consumers have not noticed their stock outs. Specific component shortages and production limitations related to the current pandemic crisis have affected the availability of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

Apple explained a few days ago that the last quarter, the shortage of components has cost 6 billion dollars, and he expects the impact to be even more significant for the Christmas shopping season.

As the holiday season approaches, Apple is alerting its customers that anticipate your orders before Christmas, to make sure they receive them on time for those important dates, since some devices already begin to have delivery times close to the Christmas holidays.

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