Foxconn kicks off construction of an electric vehicle factory in the US

Apple car

It seems that everything is underway at Apple for the manufacture of what may be some components of the electric car. In this case, according to a new report by Asia Nikkei, published on the well-known website MacRumors, the firm that produces a huge number of products for Apple and other companies puts on the work clothes and will build facilities of manufacture of electric vehicle components in the US and Thailand over the next year.

Foxconn is one of the largest companies that Apple works with and a few days ago it ruled out Mexico as the location for this electric car factory, now after the new leaked report it is indicated that it is in Negotiations with three US states to add these factories.

The Apple electric car is ringing again these summer days and for years it has been said that this vehicle could be on Apple’s mind. Now everything indicates that they could start their manufacturing process during this year or next.

At first it is said that Foxconn to use US plant to build vehicles for customer Fisker, although there could be a very short step in manufacturing to also serve Apple if necessary. Several reports indicate that Foxconn would be close to manufacturing some parts of this supposed Apple Car, but all this is as always quite far right now, first is to start with the factories and possibly over the years we will see more movements from Apple in this regard .

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