Foxconn reopens its Indian factory after Apple ‘punishment’


Apple wants to depend less on China, and little by little it is “advising” its suppliers to open new production plants in other countries, such as India. Foxconn, one of Apple’s main assemblers, in collaboration with the Indian government, has opened new factories in that country, but has had very serious problems with the health conditions of its workers.

The Indian government has committed to building and maintaining the dormitories and dining rooms that house the thousands of workers at the Foxconn plant. But the lousy healthy conditions Of those shelters, publicly denounced a month ago, angered Apple to the point that it forced Foxconn to close the plant until the problem was solved. It seems that the punishment has taken effect.

Foxconn has been assembling the iPhone 12 in India for a long time, and now it was testing to do so with the latest models of the iPhone. iPhone 13. But Apple decided to stop production immediately at the plant in that country due to the health problems reported by the workers at that factory.

Last month, the agency Reuters published a report explaining the unsanitary conditions in which Foxconn workers live in India. Crammed into crowded barracks, dining rooms with spoiled food, and some sleeping on the floor, in rooms that house between six and thirty people.

Almost 300 workers intoxicated

At that time, 259 workers suffered a poisoning for the food that was spoiled. When the news broke, Apple quickly forced Foxconn to close the plant until all those deplorable conditions of the factory workers are fixed. A plant of 17,000 workers.

The government of India, responsible for the construction of the houses of these workers, has already taken action and is going to build new dormitory pavilions. It is estimated that it will take two or three months for all the workers to be housed in a new facility.

For the moment, production starts again next week with just over a hundred employees. And all of it under the supervision Apple, so that this does not happen again.

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