France will open the source code of FranceConnect, which is used to connect to public services

The government will open in a few weeks the code for FranceConnect, the device that allows you to connect to hundreds of public services using unique codes.

FranceConnect, the service that allows you to connect with a unique username and password to hundreds of public services, will soon be made much more transparent than it is today. Amélie de Montchalin, who serves as minister of transformation and public service, indicated in a message posted to Twitter on September 8, that the code will be made open source in November 2021.

I will open the source code of FranceConnect in November She writes. This is a commitment made on the sidelines of a laudatory commentary on the place that France would occupy in terms of open source. The person concerned also promises a ” plan to strengthen open source in administrations », Without further clarification. The details of the opening of the source code of FranceConnect remain to be known.

Opening of the source code of FranceConnect

The opening of the source code of FranceConnect will not be a first of its kind. Over the years, administrations have shared the guts of several components, such as the source code and the algorithm of the housing tax (tax which is in the process of disappearing), those of the income tax or its calculator. In another genre, elements related to the TousAntiCovid application had also been shared.

FranceConnect takes the form of an access portal which mobilizes a centralized connection system, on which hundreds of public services are interfaced – for example the tax site or the health insurance account. More than 700 online procedures can be launched using a single common username and password. The tool is widely used today.

An interface that is undoubtedly very familiar to many Internet users.

FranceConnect’s security is therefore essential, due to its position at the very center of the relationship between the administration and the population. The openness of the code should have virtues: we may wish that very competent individuals bring their know-how to optimize the operation of the device or to point out possible weak points in the computer code.

It should be noted that FranceConnect is in the process of evolving with an extension aimed at treating more sensitive acts, such as banking services, electronic registered mailings or even health services (for the shared medical file. calls FranceConnect + and relies on a much more demanding identity verification, to carry out certain more critical procedures.

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