FranceConnect +: what you need to know about this evolution of FranceConnect

FranceConnect will experience a significant development in the fall of 2021, with the arrival of a “+” version. Objective: to welcome more sensitive approaches, by mobilizing secure digital identities.

Expected initially for this spring, the more muscular version of FranceConnect is due to make its debut during the fall of 2021. This is shown by an updated version of the roadmap of the ministry for transformation and the public service, published September 14. This evolution of FranceConnect has a specific name to make it stand out: FranceConnect +.

What is FranceConnect used for?

A reminder, first. FranceConnect is an access portal for public services, thanks to a centralized connection system. For example, you can enter your username and password that you use for the tax website in FranceConnect to connect to your Ameli health insurance account. More than 900 procedures are taken care of with FranceConnect.

Among the last major services that have been added is Pôle Emploi. The use of this connection button is also found outside of traditional public services: it appears, for example, on the website of the National Assembly to authenticate people who propose or support petitions with a view to requesting a debate in session on a given topic.

These 900 services should increase to 1,300 by the end of 2022, indicated in March the journalist Émile Marzolf on Twitter, and FranceConnect of his account must reach 30 million users. It’s on track: according to the counter on the site, there are already almost 29 million people converted. ( This expansion will also gradually target more sensitive approaches.

The FranceConnect login page, which offers a few methods for accessing an online process (here, the tax website).

FranceConnect +, for more sensitive subjects

This is where FranceConnect + comes into play. This is an “enhanced” version of the service in order to be able to undertake administrative procedures requiring an increased degree of security. Examples are given by DINUM (Interministerial Digital Directorate): banking services, electronic registered mailings or health services, like shared medical record.

The particularity of FranceConnect + is that it can meet the requirements of the regulation of 23 July 2014 (eIDAS). This text establishes a European framework for electronic identification and trust services, in order to facilitate the emergence of the digital single market, and defines three levels of guarantee: low, substantial and high. FranceConnect + must deal with substantial and high thresholds.

With a low threshold, explains the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), the goal is to reduce the risk of misuse or alteration of identity at a substantial level, reducing the risk must be much higher. Finally, at the high level, the objective is to prevent this risk. For example, the digital identity of La Poste is the first in France to have been qualified at a substantial level.

public-service-france marianne
FranceConnect aims to simplify hundreds of online procedures.

When should FranceConnect + arrive?

Expected earlier, in February, this version is announced for the fall. Its launch was also planned for May, but nothing came of it. However, a smaller launch has already taken place in June. This is whathas indicated to Émile Marzolf the FranceConnect team during the international cybersecurity forum, organized in September.

La Poste’s digital identity is currently the only one available in FranceConnect to offer this level of security. The other means of connection (the tax site, the Ameli site, the agricultural social security MSA, and Mobile Connect and Me) are a step below. It is also in this context that the Alicem application, which is contested, but which aims for the highest level of security, has been developed.

CNIe national electronic identity card
State identity, which is linked to the new CNIe, will be a key to access FranceConnect +. // Source: Melvyn Dadure for Numerama

Other secure digital identity providers must emerge, including Yris, offered by Ariadnext, by the end of the year. That from the national electronic identity card (CNIe) is desired for 2022. As for the digital identity corresponding to the application of the vital card, the target schedule is 2023. Other suppliers should also be included in the loop.

It is now ” qualifying substantial and high level private sector identity providers ”With a view to their integration into FranceConnect +, according to the ministry. In this regard, the National Agency in charge of the security of information systems (Anssi), which deals with the cybersecurity of the State, ruled at the end of 2020 that FranceConnect has the ” capacity of federate identities even more secure “.

(updated September 15 to include Ministry of Transformation and Civil Service roadmap timeline)

Article originally published on March 25, 2021 and updated on September 15, 2021

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