Free: a huge outage paralyzes the network, subscribers are deprived of the Internet

A huge outage affects the Free network. According to testimonies, many subscribers have been deprived of Internet connection, mobile network and television since last night in several cities in France. We take stock of the situation.

free breakdown

During the night of April 26 to 27, 2022, a huge outage affected the network of the operator Free. On social networks and on Downdetector, many subscribers claim to be deprived of Internet connection and television.

Over 2000 unhappy customer reports have been recorded. The mobile connection and the fixed network are obviously affected by the problem. Many customers also claim to be deprived of 4G. Downdetector also reports a “total blackout”.

A new outage affects the Free network in France

Obviously, the East of France, Alsace and the North are particularly affected by the breakdown. The interactive map visible on Downdetector reveals that Lille, Paris, Reims, Strasbourg, Lyon and Grenoble are the most paralyzed cities. It seems that the south of France is also affected to a lesser extent by the default.

On the site, we also learn that more than 150 DSLAMs are currently unreachable. In the course of last night, it was nearly 200 DSLAMs which were considered out of circuit.

Apparently, the situation is gradually improving during the late morning, although many Free subscribers are still without an Internet connection. As always, Free did not bother to communicate on the origin or the evolution of the breakdown, leaving subscribers in the dark.

If you are affected by this major outage, we advise you first to change your DNS. This very simple manipulation could solve the problem. The use of other DNS than those provided by your ISP does not generally pose any problem, you can leave the configuration as is. To find out more, discover our file dedicated to changing DNS.

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