Free adds Apple TV 4K to its TV box offer

Free will offer its new TV subscribers to swap their TV box for an Apple TV 4K. The Internet service provider offers an advantageous rate to those who wish to take advantage of Free offers and Apple’s software ecosystem.

Free wants to offer more choice to its fixed subscribers. In a press release dated July 20, 2021, the Internet service provider announced that new subscribers to the offers Freebox Pop and Delta can be equipped with an Apple TV 4K box for 2 euros more per month on their bill (for 48 months).

A cheaper Apple TV 4K

Total cost of the operation: 96 euros, or a hundred euros less than the usual price of Apple’s multimedia box. This is indeed the Apple TV released a few months ago with an A12 Bionic chip and screen calibration tools. A three-month subscription to Apple TV + is also offered in the offer. Free’s offer is therefore very interesting, just to acquire an Apple TV box at a lower cost. Especially once the 48 months have passed, the device is yours. No rental here. You can even buy it all at once if you want to.

By offering an Apple TV 4K instead of its Freebox Pop box, the company offers a wider choice of ecosystem. The Pop Player, offered at no extra cost, is a TV box running Android. Like the Nvidia Shield, it therefore offers access to all applications in the Google ecosystem, native integration of the Chromecast functionality and other advantages. But for those who work in the Apple ecosystem, adopting an Android TV box is not necessarily the best choice.

Free in the footsteps of Canal +

By offering an optional Apple TV, Free is trying to please everyone. If you prefer the Google ecosystem, the Pop box is for you. If you’re more into Apple and want to enjoy AirPlay or Apple Music in high quality, then the new offering will probably suit you better.

By offering a box designed and developed by Apple, Free also avoids the costly and complex process of having to keep a more up-to-date multimedia box. Everything on Apple TV is handled by Apple, from device functionality to service availability. Free just provides the connection while customers can enjoy one of the best multimedia boxes on the market.

This is not the first time that Apple has forged links with a great French actor. In 2018, the iPhone manufacturer joined forces with Canal + to provide subscribers with an Apple TV as an alternative to traditional decoders. An interesting offer for all those who want to avoid the outdated and not always practical interface of Canal devices.

Only the remote control changes

There is still a small difference between the Apple TV sold commercially and that offered by Free: the remote control. If you buy your Apple TV from Free, it will arrive with a home remote, slightly different from the one Apple offers. If you absolutely want to have the remote control Made in Cupertino, it is available for 65 euros on the manufacturer’s store. Even with that extra expense, you’ll save money compared to Apple TV prices in stores.

The remote control offered by Free // Source: Free

Free’s Apple TV will also arrive with the app OQEE preinstalled. If you don’t know OQEE, Free’s TV service allows you to watch live streams, record programs or do replay.

If you already have a subscription mini 4K, Revolution, Pop, or Delta, you can buy the Apple TV 4K at the same preferential rate thanks to the multi-TV option available in the customer area.

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