Free Apple Financing for Everything

This year they will have added zero cost financing in a more exclusive way for their iPhone, iPad and Mac models. This zero cost financing was not available for all the products they have on the web but now the promotion is back.

All those users who want to finance their purchases at Apple can do so right now at zero cost, that is, they will not have to pay any interest for financing their Mac, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, HomePod, case etc. Yes indeed, with a minimum order amount of 299 euros.

Another detail to take into account in this case is that the financing without cost has a limited term as shown by Apple on its website. In this case we hope that it will happen the same as on previous occasions and that the term will continue to extend as the end arrives, this time we are talking about an offer of financing at 0% APR available between June 17 and July 29, 2021.

The entity in charge of leaving us the money in this case is Cetelem, those users who already had a financing created previously will not have to register or carry out any step simply buy the product and add Cetelem as a payment method. For the rest of the users, the process may be a little slower since if you do not have an account on that phone, you have carried out a previous financing procedure, you will have to pass some filters that mark to receive this financing. All this can be done from home from the official Apple stores directly.

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