Free download 35 GB of manuals for PS2, SNES and Atari

Currently, launching a video game does not have too much mystery. Most of the titles that we play on our PC or console are in digital format. Along the way, you have lost that unique moment when you opened the box or cover of a video game for the first time and saw the disc (or cartridge), along with a good collection of manuals. If you lived through that time, surely you remember that the “unboxing” of a video game was a magical moment. Well, there is a video game curator who has done the arduous task of scanning thousands of video game manuals so they don’t get lost in oblivion.

Video games are much more than software

The video game preservation This is a topic that has been talked about a lot lately. It is really sad that in the information age, entire video games are lost, thus disappearing cultural pieces that could be the inspiration of new creators. The manufacturers themselves do nothing to preserve their works either. Our government has also presented measures to prevent some video games from falling into oblivion, but as many small developers and enthusiasts believe, the route they have presented seems to be solely for collection purposes.

Beyond the experience of playing, it must be recognized that video games are much more than lines of code. Years ago, when only the physical format existed, video games were accompanied by manuals that some of us did not know how to appreciate. In them, they used to explain to us the beginning basics of gameplayas well as explanations about the lore and the plot of it. Some manuals were very simple. They just did a simple review of the video game controls. However, others were authentic pieces of art. There were those who studied the manual before inserting the game into the console, while the vast majority passed without reading anything.

This collector wants to prevent video game manuals from being lost forever

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The video game curator Kirkland He has not only been concerned that future generations have access to the video games that are released today. He has also worked so that video game manuals do not end up in a landfill. For years, Kirkland has been scanning manuals from your collections in high quality. Now that he has finished a great set, he has uploaded a huge file so that anyone curious (or nostalgic) of that time can consult those little brochures.

The new set just uploaded to the Archive is packed with scans of manuals from Playstation 2. This is in addition to the other manuals that he already uploaded a while ago from Super Nintendo and other consoles. It is estimated that the PS2 had around 4,000 games in total. Kirkland has managed to scan the manuals for 1,900 of them. All manuals are from the US version, and are scanned at full resolution. The set, once compressed, occupies about 17 GB.

Kirkland looks at video game companies

According to Kirkland in his interview with Kotakuhas invested tens of thousands of dollars in games for his collection, while also spending countless hours scanning and editing the manuals.

Although he is passionate about this world, the collector recognizes that this work he is doing should fall on the companies themselves. After all, it is the very history of these video game companies that is being lost over time.

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