Free games and offers: ‘Evil Dead: The Game’, ‘Dark Deity’, ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell’…

Let’s go one more week with the free games and offers that you can take, first yes or yes, that’s why they are free, and second, it depends. What does it depend on? From your tastes, from the offers themselves, from your economy, from how you keep your lists…

And the free games of the week on the Epic Games Store are… Well, there is one more that you might also be interested in getting.

We start with Evil Dead: The Game And with little that you know about cinema, you already know what you are going to find in these titles of… yes, action, terror, ultraviolence… What else do you want? You can claim it at this link if you feel like having a good time busting up reanimated corpses and other types of monsters that are bad to die for.

You have second course Dark Deitya indie of a fantastic type and tactical game with touches of RPG and turn-based combat that passed without penalty or glory, but that you can claim at this link completely free of charge and keep it forever, as with the other games that Epic Games Store gives away.

This week there is also a free game in the Ubisift Store, which is not exactly the most popular store on the Internet, but there it is, giving away the classic Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell for PC, that is, for Windows. You can claim it at this link and warm up your engines for the remake which will be out next year.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription every month, a lot of gifts await you in Prime Gaming, including several free games that Amazon gives you, but that you will have to claim on different platforms. Hence this friendly reminder. The free games for November are:

  • Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition in GOG.
  • WRC 9 on Amazon Games.
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on Amazon Games.
  • Whispering Willows on Amazon Games.
  • Last Day of June at Legacy Games.
  • etherborn at Legacy Games.
  • Facility 47 at Legacy Games.

Remember: you have until the end of the month to claim all these free games at Prime Gamingamong other content.

As you already know, we are with Black Friday just around the corner and if all kinds of celebrations are ahead of time, whatever it takes to make as much cash as possible, this is no exception. At least in some places.

For example, at the Humble Store, which as regulars will know is the first place we recommend going to buy digital games, they have already started to celebrate the sales on duty, so just spend some time to see everything there is in the store. Humble Store Black Friday. Lack of inspiration? Three unmissable titles that you have surely already played, but that otherwise are a safe bet:

In Steam they are not yet of anything, but as always, there are plenty of offers. Here are a few that are worth it:

We continue to collect the November releases that we caught on sale and there are already quite a few, including new items fresh from the oven:

Another brief reminder: the game service by streaming from NVIDIA has an offer that might interest you: 6 months of the priority subscription for 29.99 euros, or what is the same, a 50% discount that you can hire at this link. But hurry, because the offer ends tomorrow, November 20.

Here’s what’s new for November at GeForce NOW.

They have also begun to celebrate Black Fridar in the stores of the three major consoles on the market. To see more go to…:

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