Free games and offers: ‘Runbow’, ‘The Drone Racing League Simulator’, ‘Master of Magic Classic’…

We are launching a new weekly section that we will be giving shape and substance to over time, but as it begins, you can already imagine what it is about: bringing together in the same entry, if not everything, the most outstanding in what free games and deals are concerned.

For free games, of course, we do not talk about free to play, but of the games that are usually or occasionally given away on the different platforms, so that they do not escape you; and for offers… it’s clear, right? The point is that today there is no lack of wholesale discounts, quite the contrary, but

Both with the offers and with the free games, the rush matters, and it will depend on when you read this entry if you have time to take the loot or not. If more delay,to play!

We start with the free games and, as everything seems to indicate, we do it with the constant, the games that the Epic Games Store gives away weekly. But, beware, because there is more than that.

The first of the games that you can get for free this week on the Epic Games Store is run bow, a wild casual title with which to have a good time in company, not in vain is it focused on multiplayer. You can claim it at this link and save the 11.99 euros that it normally costs. Only for Windows.

The second free game for this week on the Epic Games Store is The Drone Racing League Simulatorwhose name says it all: a first-person flight and racing simulator with a current price of 7.99 euros that you can save by claiming it now at this link and that, in addition to Windows, you can enjoy on macOS.

Beyond the Epic Games Store there is also life and free games, like this Master of Magic Classic, a classic strategy and RPG that you can get for free (and DRM-free, but only for Windows) on GOG if you hurry, because tomorrow it recovers its price. You have it in this link.

Free October Games at Prime Gaming

These are not free games as such, but if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber and you are also a gamer, Prime Gaming It is an addition that you cannot miss, and it is full of gifts and offers of all kinds. Among others, several free games that are renewed every month and that although Amazon gives you, you will have to claim on different platforms. Although we are already in October, there are a couple of days left to claim the September games, so hurry up! The list is:

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins on Ubisoft Connect.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor in GOG.
  • Soccer Manager 2022 on the Epic Games Store.
  • Castle on the Coast on AmazonGames.
  • The Dig on AmazonGames.
  • We. The Revolution on AmazonGames.
  • Defend the Rook on AmazonGames.
  • Word of the Law: Death Mask Collector’s Edition at Legacy Games.

What do you think of the menu? Claim what interests you in Prime Gaming.

Let’s go now with the offers, because a great game with a super discount is better than a thousand bad free ones… although one is not incompatible with the other.

We begin the review by GOG, since the game above is not given away for free, but to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the store, with its consequent sales period with more than 900 discounted titles. So you better stop by Good Old Games to see if something interests you… or read on. Here are some of the most succulent offers of this promotion:

Steam is the great online game store and, as always, you don’t have to wait for the seasonal sales to find great deals. Of the many there are, one of the most interesting is:

  • Warner Bros. Games, a mega-package of deals from the publisher in which there are great titles with discounts of up to 90%. Titles such as the LEGO sagas of The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Batman, Marvel, Jurassic World… but also the collection of batman arkham, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Mortal Kombat…and lots of DLC. It’s worth taking a look.

Other offers that may interest you from Steam are:

Do not miss the Humble Store either, since everything you buy there can be downloaded and redeemed on Steam and where every week they leave us wholesale offers by theme. This week there are several very interesting promotions, full of games and DLC:

  • Build & Destroywhere you will find great construction and destruction games with up to 85% discount: the franchises of Cities: Skylines, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Surviving Mars either Tropicare some of the ones that offer the greatest discounts.
  • Anime Sale is the other promotion underway on the Humble Store, with discounts of up to 90% on a very long list of titles: from dragon ball a Megamangoing by one piece, Naruto either Sword Art Online.
  • capcom sale. Capcom fan? There you go resident Evil, monster hunter, street-fighter and a lot of other games with discounts of up to 80%.
  • Square Enix. and more classic made in Japan with discounts of up to 85%: Chrono Trigger, dragon quest, final-fantasy… with the remake from 7 they have not stretched much, but they make up for it with other games.
  • Team17. To finish, a bit of indie of quality and discounts of up to 90% in titles of all kinds and conditions such as worms, Yooka Laylee, The Escapists

Yes, it is also played on consoles… Or so I would swear, although depending on the platform it is difficult to put specific offers here. For example…

  • switchwithout going any further, will end tomorrow its promotion of up to 75% in more than a thousand games, so if you haven’t gone through the eShop yet… what are you waiting for?
  • playstation storefor its part, is now orbiting the The Planet of Discounts, where almost 500 games and DLC are accumulated with discounts of up to 70%.

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