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According to a recent study, 7 out of 10 companies already work in the cloud. A historical figure that has been growing, above all, as a result of the demands imposed by Covid-19. And the numbers keep growing. Cloud computing offers the possibility of saving all kinds of information and digital files on the network, without storage capacity restrictions and with access from anywhere in the world. And among the existing tools, Google Workspace is, without a doubt, a reference to take into account.

Working in the cloud allows not only to store information securely, but also to access it with greater flexibility, from anywhere, both from the office and working from home. It is only necessary to have a good internet connection, access the data and work like this in a practical and safe way.

Google Workspace also brings together applications as useful for the business world as they are Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Docs or Meet. And all this in a single integrated workspace. A true revolution in the way people work, collaborate and develop all kinds of projects.

Google Workspace FREE

Still not using Google Workspace in your company? you should! Now you can get a few days for free with the Desamark promotion and see how you can gain not only flexibility when working with the rest of your team, but also greater agility when it comes to completing tasks, save time, save resources and increase the competitiveness of you and your organization. Take advantage of this promotion and use Google Workspace for free right now.

And it is that, the advantages of Google Workspace go even further. It is a innovative tool with a 100% cloud architecture. It offers optimal communication and highly efficient shared document management. And, in addition, it is very easy to use, allowing the customization of the interfaces and, unlike other tools, betting on simplicity.

Google Workspace Promo Code

Get Google Worskpace for free and commitment to collaborative work in real time on shared files, by a tool backed by more than 700 professionals who watch over their security and foster a team culture within your organization.

Use the google workspace promo code or discount coupon with the Desamark promotion at this address: and start taking advantage of the benefits of this tool that has already revolutionized the way many people work companies, as we have also commented on

Ready to gain flexibility, comfort and time? now it’s free! Discover the Google Workspace benefits for businesses.

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