Free Mobile: 4G speeds will increase, here’s why

If you subscribe to a Free Mobile package, we have good news for you: the operator has just announced that its 4G speeds will increase throughout the country. Indeed, the telecom troublemaker has increased the width of the frequency bands from 10 MHz to 15 MHz. The change should be effective next month.

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In this end-of-year period, Free has prepared a small gift for its mobile subscribers. On the official account of its network, the operator has indeed announced very good news, which may also go unnoticed by the uninitiated. The latter thus explains having “increased the bandwidth of LTE 2100 frequencies to 15 MHz over most of the territory”. Behind this gibberish hides information that should please all concerned.

What this means concretely is that the 4G debut of all users living in the areas concerned, ie a large part of France according to Free, will increase. Indeed, the frequency bandwidth was until now fixed at 10 MHz. The process will then be the same as for the increase in 5G speeds last May: the greater the width, the better the speed.

Free Mobile subscribers, your 4G will be better in 2023

This news follows the distribution to Free by Arcom of a larger portion of the 2.1 GHz bands, which therefore increased to 15 MHz in August 2021. It took a little over a year to that the device is ready on the operator’s network. This increase will take place “early 2023”, announces the latter, at least for users living in the Paris region.

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Free does not specify when the network will be effective on the rest of the territory, but we dare to hope that the wait will not be too long. Free also specifies that subscribers will not have to do anything to take advantage of this increase in speed, which will be activated automatically on their smartphone as soon as it is available. What to start the year 2023 on a good basis, in short.

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