Free Mobile celebrates its tenth anniversary!

Free Mobile celebrates its tenth year of existence. It’s time to take stock for Xavier Niel’s company.

On January 10, 2012, Free Mobile landed on the telecoms market with the firm intention of disrupting the market with aggressive offers. It is clear that Xavier Niel’s strategy has borne fruit, the prices of mobile plans having been largely revised downwards by its competitors since.

Ten years later, it’s time to take stock. In a press release, the company paints a picture of developments on the consumer side. Thus, we learn that the monthly consumption of data subscribers is increased from 0.3 GB to 13.2. A significant increase which is mainly explained by the availability of the various mobile networks and their inclusion in low cost packages. In 2012, subscribers from all walks of life benefited from an average of 3 GB included, compared to 210 today. Free also reports that the average package price has dropped significantly from 27.30 euros to only 13.30 euros.

It must be said that the time spent on our phones has drastically increased, as has the number of French people with a mobile. According to’Arcep, 77% of French people were equipped in 2019 against only 58% in 2015. The smartphone has also become the preferred means of access to the Internet, now far ahead of the computer. (20 points difference). The tablet recorded a slight decline, 6% in 2019 against 7% in 2017.

Instant messaging has seen a boom between 2018 and 2019. 63% use them every day, compared to only 37% for phone calls. Faster and often more suited to consumers’ usage patterns (who want to be able to create groups, share images and vocals) messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger or Signal have quickly established themselves as the favorite solutions of many users. These are all behaviors that must be accompanied by good network coverage.

Free Mobile is also taking the opportunity to take stock of these offers, and especially of its network coverage. In France, its 3G coverage represented only 27% of the territory. Today, it is over 99% for 3G, for 4G and now 77% for 5G. On the subscriber side, Free claims no less than 13.5 million customers in France and more than 10,000 employees.

Birthday offers

This type of event is celebrated, and Free Mobile rewards the loyalty of its customers while inviting new consumers to join its club. In its press release, the company announces several promotional offers. Initially, the Free Package will offer itself an increase in date, at no additional cost. It thus increases to 210 GB per month, and 5G compatible. All information is available here.

A contest on social networks.

Finally, Free Mobile announces a competition on social networks, from January 10 to 14, which will allow you to win 10 5G smartphones (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo). To participate, nothing could be simpler, just go to Free’s various social networks and answer the questions asked. The draw will take place immediately after. Free indicates that only one entry per person is possible.

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