Free mobile package: the 90 GB limited edition is at a reduced price

Until August 9, 2022, the 90 GB limited edition of Free Mobile is at a reduced price. The package is billed at €10.99 per month without commitment.

Free extends its 90 GB limited series lowering its price further. While it was billed at €11.99 at the end of July, the rate is now €10.99 per month. The data/price ratio becomes even more advantageous and is only €1 away from joining our selection of the best mobile plans under €10.

If you are interested in this Free plan, you can subscribe to it before August 9, 2022, when the offer expires. This is a lighter version of the 210 GB 5G package for those who can make do with 90 GB (in 4G) at a price almost halved.

This offer is of course intended for new subscribers. The package price will be €10.99 for one year. Then, after the first 12 months, you automatically switch to the standard plan which entitles you to 210 GB of data in 5G. As a reminder, this package is billed at €19.99 per month. It is even more interesting for those who have a Freebox subscription.

They not only get an unlimited plan, but the price drops to €9.99 per month for Freebox Pop subscribers and €15.99 for others. For people who travel occasionally, the offer includes 12 GB of Internet that can be used in Europe and the overseas departments. You also benefit from Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS to mobiles and landlines in metropolitan France and in the overseas departments (excluding Mayotte).

Finally, it is necessary to provide 10 euros for the subscription to obtain the SIM card. And if you don’t want to part with your current phone number, request portability by sending your RIO number to Free.

If you are looking for other good plans on packages, we invite you to consult our comparator of the best mobile plans according to your budget and your needs. And if you want to step up a gear, take a look at our other comparator for 5G mobile plans.

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