Free Mobile unveils a new 5G package with 210 GB of data!

Free Mobile unveils a new 5G package with a huge data envelope from 14.99 euros per month!

Surprise, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Free Mobile has just reviewed its famous Free package at 14.99 euros per month for its subscribers (19.99 euros for others)! The latter is indeed equipped with a data envelope of 210 GB in 5G / 4G + against 150 GB previously. Without obligation, this package includes unlimited SMS & MMS calls, a roaming envelope with 25 GB from more than 70 destinations, or even unlimited calls, SMS, MMS from Europe, DOM, USA, Canada, Israel Australia, Afr. South, New Zealand.

Take advantage of the Free Mobile offer

We will also note the other offer from January 10 to 18, on the Free series which is exceptionally offered to new subscribers with a maximum of data: 100 GB (+ 10 GB of roaming) at only € 10.99 / month for 1 year (then Free 5G plan € 19.99).

A latest generation mobile network deployed in record time

Free Mobile took the gamble of building its own mobile infrastructure network from 2011, nearly 15 years after the incumbent operators. On January 10, 2012, Free Mobile had approximately 700 sites activated in the territory. Thanks to an unprecedented pace of deployment over the past 10 years, Free Mobile has largely caught up. The operator now has 21,600 sites in France and benefits in particular from the largest 5G network in terms of number of sites, with 12,000 5G Free sites, including 1,691 at 3.5 GHz. Free Mobile now covers 99% of the French population with 4G and 77% with 5G.

Deployments are currently continuing at a steady pace. Free Mobile is targeting more than 25,000 sites across France in 2023. These deployment efforts indeed concern all regions, especially the most rural. Since signing the New Deal Mobile, Free Mobile has built more than 5,000 new sites in areas with little or no coverage.

The latest customer satisfaction observatory sponsored by Arcep, published last July, attests to an overall satisfaction rating vis-à-vis their mobile operator Free identical to that of the incumbent operator (7.8 / 10 ), ahead of the two other alternative operators.

Take advantage of the Free Mobile offer

How to change operator while keeping his number?

the RIO (Operator Identity Record) is a unique identifier, composed of 12 characters (letters or numbers), which will be requested by the operator with whom you wish to subscribe. To get it, all you need to do is call 3179. A voice server will then tell you your commitment end date, as well as the RIO number of your line. Note that an SMS will be automatically sent to you with all the information communicated by the voice server.

How to choose a mobile plan?

There’s no shortage of mobile plan offers and promotions, and that’s good news: we don’t have the same needs, the same requirements and the same budget. Some people are looking for the lowest price at all costs, others for maximum mobile data, a no-obligation plan, limited for the youngest, the possibility of affording a new smartphone… To find the perfect fit, you just have to essential to go through the box: what do I really need and what are my financial limits?

If your budget is tight, perhaps it is better to turn to a limited offer that will allow you to make a first choice between favoring the call time or the amount of data available. Also see if it is better to opt for a blocked plan or not in order to avoid additional costs and surprises on your monthly bill such as exceeding your package or subscribing to paid services and purchases. Prevention is better than cure, it is especially worth it for parents looking for a package for their children.

Are you greedy in your data consumption? If you are more into a fairly reasonable use of data, there is no point in taking more than 100MB. This is more than enough to check your emails or surf the web from time to time. To consult sites daily and enjoy some music or video in streaming, it is better to turn to offers of up to 30 GB per month. Finally, if you use your smartphone as a real small pocket computer (sites, streaming, social networks, online games) you have to think about investing in a formula from 50 GB, or even 100 GB.

Finally, not all offers have the same accessibility or follow-up. There are packages that cannot be purchased in store, but only through the Internet. Often, these formulas do not have an after-sales service as efficient or easy to access as SFR’s RED or those of virtual operators.

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