Free, PSX style, for PC and inspired by Dead Space, what is it?

dead space has been one of the main protagonists so far this year thanks to an extraordinary remake that life has made us happy. Visceral Games, the original studio responsible, has been able to see how its game, released 15 years ago, is still as current as ever and delighting fans survival horror set in the depths of space.

It’s as good… or more

Although the remake has brought us a version of dead space really updated, with graphics at the level of the current PS5 and Xbox Series X -in addition to PC-, there are those who have not felt particularly represented and have preferred to go a step further, creating a new game in a place it was not intended for the first of the titles. Can you imagine how it could have been seen in the guts of the first PlayStation?

Indeed, that is what has been carried out by Fraser Brumley, a young man whose love for the creation of Visceral Games goes so far that it has prompted him to take the elements of the original development and transform them into a demake that, despite technical reductionism, respects the essence Same as the original title. And that is already saying a lot. But a lot, a lot.

So the result has been the publication of his work on the page that he has in Itchio, and he has allowed us to value it –economically– as we believe, even going as far as letting us have it completely free if we prefer, without dropping a single euro. . Although if you are one of those who value these initiatives, the same leave one tip digital doesn’t hurtespecially to encourage Fraser to do new work with other games.

How, where and why?

As we tell you, you can download this game from the Itchio de Fraser page itself, whose link we leave you below, and that will allow you to enjoy this marvel on your Windows PC. Especially since it is completely playable and, although it tells us a small part of the story, it will allow you to see everything that it has been capable of for a maximum of 15 minutes.

It is possible that if we are all generous with what we leave him we encourage you to continue making new parts of the adventureso try if you think so to contact the developer to know their plans, because when you take a look at this dead space demake You will see the enormous potential that this adaptation could have, made with the existing graphic technology at the time of the first PlayStation and that was in force from the end of 1994 until beyond the 2000s.

The game controls have also been adapted to what is popular on PCyou know: WASD to manage the basic movements of the character and then the mouse, with which we can aim with greater precision, shoot and access the rest of the general configuration menus of this marvel that, having come out a decade before the original , in 1998, surely it would have busted. Don’t you think?

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