Free several gigabytes of Google Drive with this trick

In these times, millions of users around the world benefit from cloud storage services offered by various companies. They offer us a space on their servers so that we can store our personal content remotely. google drive It is one of the most popular and used, so we are going to talk about how to optimize its use by freeing up space.

The space available on our local drives is becoming increasingly valuable due to the sheer amount of content we work with. We can always use discs external hard drives or USB sticks to store certain files. But with everything and with it in recent times these remote storage platforms have become a more than acceptable option. In this way we only have to upload through the internet and to those servers, several gigabytes that we want to free from our computer.

It is evident that here the available space that each company proposes to us is very important. It is worth knowing that as a general rule they offer us a space at no cost, which we can later expand through some type of paid subscription. Serve as a clear example of all this the 15 free gigabytes that Google’s proposal currently offers us. To be able to enjoy everything we just have to open an account with the firm.

Of course, something that we must keep in mind is that part of this space is used automatically to store certain content in Drive related to Google applications and services. It is for this reason that sometimes we will see that our reserves here are significantly reduced.

This is how you quickly recover space in Google Drive

In addition to storing our personal files, as is the case with other similar storage platforms, other Google services make use of this space. A clear example of all this can be found in the email associated with our account, the popular gmail.

Therefore, if we have been using this service for a long time e-mail, or we make intensive use of it, we will see that our available cloud space is seriously affected. How could it be otherwise, this reduces the ability to store a greater amount of personal data in our Drive account.

drive space

In fact, on many occasions we are going to find that the emails saved in our Gmail account they consume several gigabytes of that space. In order to do this check, we only have to open the web version of the email and click on the lower left corner where we see the available space in the account. This will give us a new window in which we can see first-hand how the aforementioned 15 gigabytes are being spent.

With all this, what we want to tell you is that we have the possibility of delete the oldest emails from our Gmail account. On many occasions, this will allow us to slowly release several gigabytes in Google Drive and use them for other more useful tasks. That way we will have all this space to store our documents, photos, videos, etc.

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